Thursday, September 6, 2012

Post 8: Book Review 7: The Fortune Hunters By Aslam Rahaman

Are you looking for a book that’s romance but realistic; something you can relate to, not bollywood drama; simple but well written……grab this one!


As the title hints, it is the story of a man in search of true love across boundaries of religion……
The story is about Amir, a normal Muslim boy. As he begins his search for true love, like every youngster,  just wishes he finds it round the at corner of the street, as is mostly the case begins with rambling. He genuinely falls in love with his college friend’s sister. He feels lucky to have found someone who not only shares his religion but also his thoughts. However destiny has something difficult in store for him!
There are some incidents where the lead character seems confused and the reader doubts his pursuit.  However as the lead actress takes over everything gets settled (for the reader) except Amirs life , as she is Ragini- a Hindu. Will they dare to make this love as a reality? In the heart of Lucknow, where religion is stauch will their hearts find what they need? Will they choose love or religion? Will Amir finally get to be with someone he searched for his entire life?
The best part I liked about it was that the story was simple, no melodrama, no bollywood movie type setup or un-necessary usage of words. The simple, realistic style story narrated perfectly in complementing uncomplicated but good language (which now–a–days is rare) that doesn’t disappoint the reader.
In short after a long time a realistic, refreshing, crisp love story across boundaries ……..a good read.

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