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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Post 9: The Much Awaited Book Launch of "The Krishna Key" By Ashwin Sanghi in New Delhi.

Finally the city has an author "Meet and Greet" session with Ashwin Sanghi, at Landmark book stores in Vasantkunj, New Delhi, one of the favourites of its young book lovers. Its no surprise after all as his last booK  "Chanakya's Chant" was truly a good book and i love and recommend it to everyone i come accross. Here is my crisp review on the same Ashwin Sanghi has so far written three books in all with first one being "The Rosabal Line" which he wrote by the name of Shawn Haigins (yes! he is a fan of anagrams like Dan Brown some of whose books inspire Sanghvi). Have you not guessed it yet from the coverpage of his latest booK? well it just doent end there,a few chapters within bear the "Da Vinci code" flavour but when asKed the author said it just ended in the beginning and then the 'Ashwin Sanghi flavour" continues throughout the booK. 
The session was more of a one to one discussion session with about 25-30 people attending the event including fans (like me ofcourse!), media, aspiring authors looking for inspiration and tips etc. The audience being from various backgrounds asked all kinds of question and Ashwin surely had a tough time answering some of them but i bet he enjoyed them all and gave them his utmost attention and adequate time.
 The discussion began with popular beliefs like levitation, the belief in the avatars of "Krishna" "the scientific superstar higs boson particle" which Sanghvi feels that us as a human race have been too much in the outer world and do not retrospect within ourselves. Some of the poplular questions with Ashwin sanghi's thoughts on them are.....

Q. Is there a KalaKi Avataar already there???
Ashwin: It might be already out there (there may be thousands of avatars) but we arent able to recognize.

Q. If the above is true, do u thinK it is because the more we know the more skeptic we are and people in that era were simple and believed in these things?
Ashwin: People now-a-days do not introspect much and therefore donot have a sense of realization that people in the earlier days had through tapasya or the process of going inwards. (Adding a personal example he also said) Attention span has reduced and my attention span itself is less, that is why perhaps even my writing has multiple but small chapters. 

Q. How much time did you take to write this book?
Ashwin: 8-9 months of just research but some of the ideas in there are 7-8 years old which i since having a blackberry put it on an email id i simply use for my thoughts! And i am surely not going to give away the password (says he humourously)

Q. what do you think as more people write about mythical or legendary characters not truly doing justice to them with poor language? since most of the readers are youth, in your opinion how should the quality standards be maintained in these category especially as we deal with young minds (guess who asked this question :P)???
Aswin: Its the editors job and agreed that its not done well as margin in this business is less. However i feel as the youth realizes the quality of books by getting into more and more better books as they read they will start avoing the "bad" themselves and this trend and business will die down.
               [On the other hand he also appreciated The Immortals of Meluha and said it makes youth more relate to Shiva ( I highly disagree...Shiva has bben the bholenath always and just becuse people never read about him means we love him only because of this book!!!)]

Q.How much was "The Krishna Key" personal?
Ashwin: It isnt personal, none of my booKs are. even in Chanakyas Chant, i wasnt writing about Chanakya but i wrote about the parallels of politics in that era and modern day.

Note: All the content on this page is the perception of mine, i apologise if anything is inappropriate due to my misunderstanding.

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  1. Hello Nimi,

    Nice post, I also enjoyed the meet, and agree he would be equivalent to Dan Brown and I do hope he will churn more of the series in the days to come...

    Continue with this work of connecting the readers and the authors.. :)


    1. Dear Senthil,
      He will certainly. I am sure he will grow and be better everytime he writes sometjing new.
      Also thank you for all the good words for Readers Cosmos. Happy Reading!


  2. Hi Nimi. I was delighted to meet you at Landmark during the event. Thanks for providing a wrap-up of which way the conversation went at the event. Many thanks! Good wishes, Ashwin.

  3. Dear Sir,
    It was great pleasure meeting you too. I am really happy you read the article. Means a lot. Wish you always write all the more better each time. Happy Writing:)