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Friday, November 16, 2012

Post 24: Book Review 18: Love You Forever Only In That Way By Saurabh Dudeja

Title:  Love You Forever Only In That Way
Author:  Saurabh Dudeja
Date:  2012
Publisher:   Good Times Books
Price: Rs. 106

I thank Saurabh Dudeja, the author of this book for sending me a copy of the same for a review.

Snapshot:  A story of a carefree dude turning into the lane of love, not by choice but unfavoured by luck. A story of love, loss and self realization that you can relate to.

The Strory:  The story revolves around Sid who is a cool dude, in search of true love, fearing it a little and therefore someone you can relate to. He however was unsuccessful in having a long lasting relationship with any of his girlfriends, ultimately leaving him in pain after every break up. College,exams, friends and especially a new girlfriend keep his life going and his quest for true love alive. However after his breakup with one of the sexiest high maintainence girls Shikha he starts randomly chatting with a girl on facebook named Avni. She had been depressed, and her status messages melts Sid's heart who decides to talk and cheer her up. Their chats become regular and he finds himself do sweet and stupid things to keep her happy. She meanwhile also has another chat friend named Rohit, whom Sid also befriends online. 

Avni is a delhi-ite and fortunately or unfortunately even Sid get his internship in Delhi. They meet in that duration and Sid is confident that its love from his side. Her emotions also show that she loves him deeply. All is well with little highs and lows and love getting strenghted along untill one day suddenly out of the blue Avni tells him that she got accidently comitted to Rohit. She expects him to understand that she loved him but only in that way and hence the title. However his heart breaks and he goes far away from her, giving Rohit a warning to keep Avni happy, that being his only motive in love. Now days pass by with friends and work but Sid sulks in his sadness. The world for him seems painted in his blues until he meets Richa. 

Richa brings colour to his days, bringing back the sweet, romantic feeling. However, as luck would have had it, Avni calls him apologizing on the same day as he and Richa were to go on a first date. Now Sid is confused. Avni and Rohit have broken up. So will Sid now go for Avni for whom his heart never stopped beating, but at the same time she is someone who didnt love him? Or he will choose Richa the brightness of his life? Will his decisions be right ahead. To read more grab a copy of the book.

The Verdict!!!

Negatives: The writing style is casual with a lot of slangs that spoils the essence, needs a lot of improvement. Some parts in the book is not needed and seems the author has rambled. 

Positives: The story  and characters are realistic and one can relate to them. 

Final Statement:  A light read. 

About the Author
Saurabh Dudeja graduated in Computer Science from ICFAI University in 2011, and is currently working with a leading General Insurance Company in India. Besides an exuberant blogger and free-time guitarist, he has been a college level dancer-cum-choreographer and table-tennis player. He loves playing squash and is a bowling freak. He has been to almost every place in India which made him understand human behaviour to its depth. Cooking is the thing he hates the most as he feels The way to mans heart is through his stomach. If he will cook, then who will Love. He is staunch supporter of his own favourite quote This life is not what we have, it is what we believe in.

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