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Monday, December 3, 2012

Post 25: Giveaway 2: Winners of the contest : Interact with Author Rishi Vohra

The Readers cosmos thanks all the participants, the success of our events are due to the active participation and enthusiam of our readers.

For the contest "Interact with the Author of Once Upon The Tracks Of Mumbai -Rishi Vohra" we have chosen the following winners. 

Kaushal Mahesh GuptaWhen you write do you write for a group of niche readers? Does the story change depending upon readers?

Suhail MathurHi Rishi, wishing you all the best for your book. My question is that the first time I read your book's title, I was immediately reminded of the film Once Upon A Time In Mumbai. I am sure you too would have realized the similarity when you decided to go ahead with the title. So, I wanted to know as to what was the dilemma you were going through? Did you feel that naming the book as such would help in arising curiosity levels due to the success of the film or had something else in mind? 

Suyog Vijay Ikhankar - What Messege You Want To Give To Youngster & All The Other People Via This Book.

Komal Jhangle - I wanted to ask, what was the hardest thing you came across while writing this book, and from where did you get inspiration to give the story a bollywood touch? :-)

Vignesh RamaswamyI have a question, its been like a trend which is happening, many people are getting into writing books and to be frank , very few books are good, i.e. which follow a standard, while others are just substandard, what have you got to say about this trend? how can u justify that your book will be a different experience?

Congratulations to all the winners. You will receive an author signed copy of this novel soon! Please email your complete mailing address and phone number to .

For the ones who havent won dont be disappointed we will have another contest soon...keep reading! keep interacting and keep with updates from us.

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