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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Those Enchanted Four & Half Years of My Life By Dr. Ketaki Patwardhan Nirkhi

Title: Those Enchanted Four & Half Years of My Life 
Author:  Dr. Ketaki Patwardhan Nirkhi
Date:  2012
Publisher:   Rainbow Publishers 
 Number of Pages: 182
Price: Rs. 100

I would like to began by thanking the author Dr. Ketaki Patwardhan Nirkhi for sending a copy of this book for a review. It was a delight reading it, away from too much of mushy romance, something realistic and positive.

Snapshot: This is a story of the author’s life when in medical school. Its filled with the fun, the pressures and the issues students face trying to pursue the dream of most responsible profession of our society “medicine, and the best part a love story with an important message.

The Story: The story begins with Ruta, the lead character clearing the CET and getting an admission into medical school. The college life begins with most students excited over the fact that they secured an admission into M.B.B.S and the were successful in achieving the first step towards their dreams of becoming a doctor. The first year marks the beginning of new friendships, ragging and a hectic medical school life. Ruta becomes close friends with Sufee, Nayana and Arun. Arun a guy who is simple, intelligent and a good natured guy, not a hunk ofcourse develops a short corner for Ruta. However the leading lady falls for a guy who appears right from her dreams Amey, the dude. Amey too likes her, and they start going out, with Ruta hoping through all the four years that he would propose her. The story revolves around life of medical school students. Hostel life full of gossip and fun, while lectures some boring and some interesting, some hot professors, some crushes and some accidents.
As years pass by Amey remains the guy Ruta dates and Arun her best friend, someone who would cheer her up and make sure she is well. Will she realize and accept Aruns love or will infatuation over Amey conquer. Read it for it has a good balance of emotions and a very good message in the end.

The Readers Cosmos Cut:  The characters are real and portrayed very well by describing a little incidents about them. The best part was it truly justified the title, as the author doesn’t just revolve around the love story, but the overall life of medical students. Also the dreams that Ruta has which motivates her and helps her understand her dreams are a perfect analogy.

The Verdict!!!
Positives: Well written, good story.

Negatives: There are certain parts of the story which are repeated for eg. On page 56, that shows a poor job on the editors part.  A little less detailing of the medical school subjects would make it more appealing to the masses.

Final Statement: Read it for a good story with a right mixture of everything and most importantly, the message it carries.

About The Author: Dr.Ketaki Patwardhan Nirkhi, born and brought up in Miraj, is a bright new addition to the galaxy of writers in the Indian literature scene. She is an anaesthetist by profession with an MBBS degree from the Government Medical College, Miraj and an MD in Anaesthesia from Grant Medical College, Mumbai. Her first novel ‘Those enchanted four and a half years’ has just hit the stores.

Grab A Copy Today!!!

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