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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Love and thehe Circle of Six by Avishekh Das

First of all I thank the author Avishekh Das for a copy of the book.

Title: Love and thehe Circle of Six
Author:  Avishekh Das
Publisher: Diamond Books 

Genre : Literature Fiction
Date:  2012
Price: Rs. 100
Pages: 192

The story is about six characters Siddy(Siddharth),Aaliya,Niyati,Aanyo,Viraj&Gargi. These character cross paths in the story and finally unite at last therefore the title "Love and the Circle of Six".

The first few chapetrs are dedicated to introducing and portraying each character to which the author has given good time and done a fair job. Siddy(Siddharth) is someone who left a very lucrative job to follow his dream of becoming an authors. He on the other hand wants to become a rich and famousbut the road less traveld has a lot of pebbles and his journey is no different. Very soon he realises that what he pens down is not good enough for fame. Therefore he decides to write a story on a star. That star is none other than Viraj who is the football champ, the "Beckham of India". On the love side Siddy loved only one girl all his life, though lusted many, Aaliya Bose. That love apart from one opportunity he had didnt go any further as Siddy was young and didnt take any initiative.

Aaliya on the other hand is a beautiful Kashmiri girl, someone anyone would just fall in love with; with a step father who was an army officer. Her parents are traditional while she harbours the dream of becoming a star. She runs away from her family to live her dreams, as her parents try to get her married with an army officer. She enters the glamour world where she meets Aanyo and gets involved with him the very first night.

Aanyo on the other hand is a lost soul, a fashion photographer by profession and a drug addict.He is a confused soul who leaves his studies of law, which he unlike his successful father in the same profession loves dearly.  He is surrounded by beautiful women for photoshoots and is able to impress and get involved with many of them. However his weakness is drugs and Aaliya discoveres it at the very first encounter. He faals in love with her. But does she? For this love he is ready to live the addiction and aamits himself in the rehabilitation centre where Aaliya does leave him but never returns.

Viraj, is a dounto earth person who fights his own stars suffering from LQTS syndrome, yet becomes a great football player guided by Uncle Pai, his coach. He falls in love with what seems to him a confused journalist - Niyati. It is more like love at first night.  He is a down to earth person and agrees to Siddy's proposal on writing a book about him. They become good friends. 

Niyati is a girl whose father left his mother because his family emotionally blackmailed him to when Niyati was born, as she was a girl. She is smart, opportunistic and beautiful. She wants to prove herself to her fathe who left her and that makes her go beyound the good into getting promotions etc. She is well aware she can make her bosses heart skip a beat and uses every chance, therefore climbs the ladder of success quickly. Niyati does like Viraj too, but is she really in love or? What would happen to her boss when he knows about it? will she choose love or success?

Gargi on the other hand is a lawyer, a tomboy, who whe loves someone does i with all her heart. Just that the heart  chooses the wrong person Aanyo who one day when his mother dies just leaves everything and disappear from her. She never falls in love again though her collegue falls maddly in love with her.

The characters as told before meet each other, get involved, yet their prominent past and love still there. What will they choose, Will the broken lines mend? Will they make peace with their past, their families and themselves. What will happen when a love so promimenet - your first love comes to your life again? This is all the story about.

The story has characters well set, a mix of a lot of romance, a little bit of family bonding, some values and a little bit of  confusion with the characters getting involved with each other. However the end is a masala and perfect for a bollywood movie script and makes up for the glitches before.


Positives:  Good story with a masala coated ending. Language is fine and flow is good.

Negatives:  The most annoying part in any story is when there are errors where the characters names are wrongly written and this book is full of it. I believe the author himself got confused handling six characters and the editors couldnt do a better job as well.

The Verdict!!!  They say all is well that ends well, therefore 2.5 stars for the ending.

About the Author
Avishekh Das is not a geek. He is not a nerd either. He is something in between the two. He was born in Shillong and he wants to die in Shillong. He wanted to be musician for he thought that music ranthrough his veins, but unfortunately, he could not prove that to anyone. He wrote a book instead. He wrote The Journey of Rock, a book based on music, which stagnated on the bookshelves. However, he does have a legion of followers who love him.

The Damned and the Dumped is his second book.

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