Monday, April 29, 2013

Love Across The Borders by Sudam Chandra Panigrahi

Title: Love Across The Borders 
Author: Sudam Chandra Panigrahi
Publishers: All About Books Global
Date:  2012
Price: Rs. 299
Pages: 240

Snapshot:  As the title suggests, this is a love story of Jia-a Chinese girl and Jivan-an Indian boy, the difficulties their love faces due to diffrences in cultue, politics between nations etc.

The Story & The Critics Perspective: It begins with a bomb-blast. Jia and Jivan are the victims. They land up in the same hospital. Since they donot have families or friends, become a compny for each other in the hospital and eventually fall in love. Their is intially a resistance from their families but their love wins over it. However local goons, political powers ,visa issues etc. are still big problems to fight. Will the loves stand the test of all these variables? To know more read the book.

The Review:
Positives:  The author has chosen a good subject and highlighted correctly each parameter that will affect a couple cross countries like India and China.

Negatives: First of all the coverpage is not pleasant. The writing and editing needs a lot of improvement.

Verdict: A light read. 2 stars out of 5.

About The Author: A self made person, he’s a voracious reader of fiction, works in the Indian Railway as a Ticket Examiner. At leisure time, he writes poems, short stories. His poems are published some anthologies.

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