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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dont Think Of a Blue Ball by Malti Bhojwani

Title: Dont Think Of a Blue Ball  
Author: Malti Bhojwani  
Publisher: Om Books International
Genre: Self Help
Date:  2012
Price: Rs. 295
Pages: 240

 First of all I cant thank the author Malti Bhojwani enough for giving into my hand this life changing book and over that her immense patience as I read and practised this book. 

Snapshot:  You read The Alchemist where you learnt that Santiago in the end found what his heart wanted most, and in the end the learning through the journey, the transformation made him truly an Alchemist. After that you read The Secret where various experienced theorists and practitioners of The Law Of Attraction told you by various examples "how" it worked. I am a follower of both these books. I read The Alchemist whenever I feel I loose track and have too much negativity into my life to inspire myself and find something I might have missed earlier.

However, there always were roadblocks. In some situations I came across a point I was unable to pass through, with all my knowledge of The Law of Attraction. This book was an answer to those situations and I believe I attracted it too towards me. This book is one practical guide to practice the law and its not blabber as most self help books are. This is your instant guide to positivity and living the life you always wanted to. 

The Review: The author has systematically and accurately divided the chapters into each aspect you need to work on for believing and practising this law. Further the USP of the book lies in the fact that each chapter is dissected into theory, examples and exercises; the best way to help the reader imbibe and practice a principle. 

The first chapter Ending Your Life As You Know It, teaches you exactly that by removing the don't wants. Once this is achieved in Chapter two you learn to "plug-In"  into the very universe you are a part of. In third chapter you are told the simple ways in which you can live upto your commitments. Chapter 4 and 5 take you from there towards more positivity removing the negative via your thoughts, talk and action. Chapter six teaches you to via examples to believe and Chapter 7 further clears up the junk in your life by teaching you to just let it go. 

Then we are taught how to read co-incidences in life and then the most important lesson in chapter 9, the guide to attracting the two most important components of life health &wealth. Chapter 11 teaches us how gratitude enriches the soul and how to always be thankful for the lovely life you will lead by following and practising everything in the chapters above. The final chapter finally summarises how to live life full of health , abundance and most importantly positivity. 

How "Don't Think Of A Blue Ball" & My Life:  Since this book falls into the self-help category and I have written all praises abut it, I would like to add how it really helped me, which may help another skeptical reader decide. I am a PhD student. I work 12-16 hours a day. Research is one area where 90% of the times you encounter failure. Its fun but yes at times very demanding in spirits. Also as I mentioned earlier I did find The Alchemist at the right time in my life and since then nothing has gone wrong as I practised it. However, there were some times when I encountered an insufferable pass to a thought that I should harbour. I was too logical in demanding from the universe or just missing some crucial patterns in my thoughts and talks. For eg. I loved complaining and talking about things that were wrong with me (I still do) but have reduced it a great deal consciously and it truly has brought more happiness and peace into my life, The bad things did happen but I waited for the sunrise at the end of the dark night, and yes that bright ray did appear. I am indebted to you for this book Malti- all my life. My gratitude cannot find words.

Postives:  The best practical guide to living your life the way you want.

Negatives:  Like all self help books there were repetitions, however just at a few places. Also at some places there were too many examples, may be I am impatient so this is my view.

The Verdict:  A must book to read and practice for life. 4.5 stars on 5

About The Author: As a life Coach she aims to serve, not to fix or to help. Malti Bhojwani is the founder of Multi Coaching International, a professional certified life Coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF), NIP practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and an author. She coaches using her empathetic enquiry that leads her clients to personal empowerment, fulfilled goals and consistent success. Being a life-long learner, she is also mastering Ontological Coaching with Newfield Network to hone her skills, as she still considers herself only a 'white-belter' in the field of personal transformation. Born in Singapore in May 1971, she lived in Jakarta for many years, though she spent most of her adult life in Sydney, Australia where her grown-up daughter Drishti lives. Her first published work, Thankfulness Appreciation Gratitude My Journal has gone into several reprints.

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