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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hinduism - From Maya to Moksha

Title: Hinduism - From Maya to Moksha 
Author: Vijay Singhal 
Publisher: Vision India Publications
Genre: Religion
Date:  2013
Price: Rs. 395
Pages: 190

Snapshot: This book is a quick guide on Hinduism, its components and some of the important concept and greatest people who contributed to its development.

The Review:  The author believes that Hinduism is a religion that is broad and not illogical, which has helped it survive through the test of times, through the challenges each generation provided. However he expresses contamination in the religion by some, and also an increase in the number of people who fall in the "no religion" zone called agnostics or atheists. He believes that a better understanding of the religion ing will help them get a better quality life, reducing stress, suicide rates etc. 

He has meticulously planned the book beginning with the orgins and basis of the religion, going further to its history and the mythology associated. Then he writes about the important scriptures Vedas, the Bhagvad Gita, further moving on to the Gods and great men like Rama, Ganesha, Swami  Vivekananda, etc. Finally in the last part the author describes the challenges the religion faces at the moment.

Positives:  A quick instant guide to Hinduism.

Negatives:  I believe anyone writing on religion should not only write about its components but discuss them at length. Also when the author began with the rise of atheists in modern era I believed he would discuss the principles of Hinduism and how they do fall into place even today, but there was just a little flavour of this , not in depth essence. I was disappointed to find just information on the religion.

The Verdict: A quick instant guide to Hinduism for a beginner. 3 stars on 5.


  1. I believe that no single book can present Hinduism. According to me, Vijay Singal's book Hinduism - from maya to moksha is a very good work on the subject and as the review says - may its pages can be increased by discussion on the subject. But as far as I think - it would have ruin the beauty of the book. author has described the religion in simple words and short form. I appreciate the effort and recommend the same to reader.