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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Chained by Mehek Bassi

Title: Chained 
Author: Mehek Bassi 
Publisher: Notion Press
Genre: Fiction
Date:  2013
Price: Rs. 190
Pages: 209

Snapshot: In this debut novel the authoress Mehek Bassi tries to chain the readers with surprises at each step through the story of Shiya which is full of secrets.

The Story From The Critics Perspective: Shiya's story begins from a point where she enters college. She meets Arjun there on day one dislikes him at first, but eventually they become friends which later develops into love. However Shiya's life isn't that simple. She is a child loved by a father, but he is always far away for business and a mother she wonders why doesn't love her as much as her younger sister. She later realises her mother was some one else and the one living with her is her step mother and step sister. However that is not the end, there is also a mystery behind why it was all hidden from her? Why her father always stayed away?

 Shiya professionally becomes a singer and that life brings stardom and glitches in her relationship with Arjun. Will they be able to overcome it? It also brings a lot of fan following but creates enemies who cannot digest her success like the ex-super star Rehan. 

Without revealing much and spoiling the thrill of the story I can say it was a fun read and the plot was set beautifully. The  subplots of surprises were timed perfectly to keep the reader wanting more and completely hooked.  

Read it for its surprises.

The Review: 

Positives:  Well planned, great plots and sub plots and written in a simple language. 

Negatives:  A little refining and editing could have improved it a lot and made the good story it has shine out.

The Verdict: Mehek Bassi in her debue novel shows a lot of promise in years to come. She has stories to be told and a good editorial team can bring out the best in her. I am sure she will entertain us and continue to thrill us with her amazing stories. 3 stars on 5.  

About the Author: Mehek Bassi is 19 years old, Computer Engineering Student from Ludhiana (Punjab), and a typical facebook addict! She experiences boredom very frequently and her sudden shift from BSc. to Engineering, is an example of her bouncy life and a typical-traveller-Sagittarian trait that she nurses! One thing that is constant in her is her keen interest in writing and reading.

Buy it Now:

I thank the author for a copy of the book.


  1. Thank you so much, Readers Cosmos. :)

    1. You are most welcome Mehek. All the best for your future endeavors :)