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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My Journey: Transforming Dreams Into Actions

Title: My Journey: Transforming Dreams Into Actions
Author: A.P.J Abdul Kalam 
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Date:  2013
Price: Rs.190
Pages: 160

Snapshot: This book has the small things that are important to a person no matter how great he may become, they are an intricate part of his life, in designing the person he is.

The Review:  When I first herd about this book I was a little confused as to why Dr. Kalam one of my role models wrote another book after his Autobiography "The Wings of Fire' (which is one of the most inspirational books I have ever read)? However the index and few pages into reading this book I had my answer "There are somethings things that makes you the person you are, little or big they remain with you forever".  This book is about everything significant to the life of Dr. Kalam. He reflects on his father, his routine, morning walks clear thinking, his failures, his fears , shyness, his mothers food, his first mentor a simple man - his brother in law, his mentors and the small and great events that shaped him to be the individual that he is.
I loved the part where he writes about  his favorite books, his failures that shaped him (as a science student we face that a lot, sometimes leading to depression), his mentors and them shaping him (this is very crucial to everyone's life, isn't it? The Right Mentor!!!) and his vision and inspirational activities for generation next. I was also fortunate to meet this great man on one of his tours to schools in 2009 before he became the president. I was young then and we discussed my doubts for about five minutes, the most memorable time of my academic life!
He is truly a simple man that makes us believe if a child from a small town in Rameshwaram could reach for the sky, why cant you?
The Verdict!!! Discover what matters to one of the most inspiring scientist and leader of our nation.  A must read. 5 stars on 5.  

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