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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Here Sat a Key Maker by Makarand Lohire

Title: Here Sat a Key Maker
Author: Makarand Lohire
Category: Fiction
Publisher: Srishti Publishers
Date:  2013
Price: Rs.100

Snapshot: This is the story of a road side
keymaker to how he makes a better life for himself and understands the most complicated factor of it -human relationships.

The Review: The author has written this story from the perspectives of two lead characters whose paths intertwine, Javed the keymaker and Shashank.

Javed the keymaker, is an abandoned child, brought up in a orphanage, which he flees when its funding collapses and their lives become difficult. He lives by doing odd jobs on the street, until he befriends an old keymaker who teaches him the art and after him Javed takes over. It is a decent job with low pay, Javed dreams to make it big , to one day have the girl he just looks at on the signal everyday, whom he cannot even approach, and as everyone dreams to have all the comforts in life. But can one have it with honesty? Javed has no friends, however one day a group of guys who are local thugs befriend him by saving his life from a bully who harassed and physically tortured him. They finally lure honest Javed into their dark ways by showing him the day dreams of how he could be with the girl of his dreams only if he had "money".

On the other hand Shashank is shown to have a stingy father whom he wishes to flee from and have a great life. Javed discovers one day when he goes to Shashanks place to repair a locker that the girl he admired is either a close friend or girlfriend of his. This makes him all the more angry and they decide to rob Shashank. But when they go to do it Shashank suggests a better plan, to kidnap him and ask for heavy ransom, to flee from his father. What would happen next? Will the plan be successful? Or there will be just more lessons to learn?

Read the complete story to know more.

Positives:     The story is novel and unique.

Negatives:  The story though good has a lot of setbacks. First of all the character of Shashank is not sketched properly, there are no incidences apart from his father being stingy of him hating his parents. One moment he is traveling by taxi and then suddenly he owns a car. One moment he is bribing policemen and second his father is stingy. I believe the author lost it somewhere in between and the proofreaders never read it carefully as it is a very apparent mistake.

Two the language. Alas! where do I begin? Its full of Hindi words, even the chapter titles! Why didnt the author just write the story in Hindi then?

The Verdict: 2.5 stars on 5. Just for the story which had good potential and could have been much better if the writing style and the language was worked upon.

I thank the author for a review copy.

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