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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Give Away No. 2. Sherlock Holmes in Japan by Vasudev Murthy

The Second book we giveaway under 
"The Readers Cosmos Christmas &New Year GiveAway
Powered by Harper Collins India is  
Sherlock Holmes in Japan by Vasudev Murthy.
because its Christmas :) :) :)

           3 copies of the book up for a grab! Play well!

Enter here
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and Conditions:
1. This contest is open to Indian residents only.
2. Incomplete entries withoutht the #RCHCGiveAway will not be considered.
3. The decision of the judges will be final.


  1. If I were Sherlock Holmes or simply a detective I would have given my best to solve whatever case I get my hand into.. Challenges, suspense always attracts me and I believe where there is more adventure there is more fun.. So I would have loved to solve any shivering thrilling cases.. :)

  2. Being sherlock is a fantasy which I would definitely want to come true. First case I'll take up will be of Finding aliens' existence and their stay location on earth.

  3. If I were Sherlock Holmes I would love to solve the curious case of India's poor economy when it shouldn't even be. ;)

  4. If i were Sherlock Holmes i would like to solve the case of Bermuda Triangle mystery.

  5. If I were Sherlock Holmes, I'd like to solve the curious case of Yo Yo Honey Singh. I'm forever intrigued about the survival and success of a person named who terms himself Yo Yo.

  6. If I were Sherlock Holmes, I would solve all the conspiracy theories..

  7. If I were Sherlock Holmes, I would like solve the mystery of what mental disorder Ted Mosby from 'How I Met Your Mother' suffers from! He has tortured his kids with his never ending story for 8 years!!..:P

  8. If I were Sherlock, I would solve the mystery surrounding Area 51!

  9. If I were Sherlock Holmes, I would really love the solve the mystery of "What Women Want"

  10. If I were Sherlock Holmes, I would really love the solve the mystery of 'Voynich Manuscript'

  11. If I were Sherlock, I would like to solve the the mystery of where and how this Arnab Goswami learnt the phrase "The Nation Wants to know"!

  12. If I was Sherlock, I would want to solve Ayushi's murder mystery. Not just find the killers, but solve the mystery - come out with the motive and process

  13. This character called Sherlock Holmes has always fascinated me. So, I were a lady Sherlock Holmes I’d love to solve the BERMUDA TRINGLE MYSTERY with all my guts and wits. I read about this back in class 7th & have always wanted the reach this mysterious island. This thought does sound impractical because according to the US Navy this so called DEVIL’s Triangle doesn't exits. But then there are no issues because this contest is about mysteries and mysterious won’t be mysteries if solved. The theory is quite simple .This is the place where a lot of ships & aircraft s have disappeared. What could be the reason? Is it a Devil? Do devils even really exist? Or the aliens hijacked those ships and aircraft? God! These aliens beat our intelligence and US Navy either could not tackle them. Or that’s just a superstition? How could that even be a superstition? I mean after a particular region things won’t vanish just like that. This all sounds quite interesting. I would be super fun & adventurous undertaking the task of this UNSOLVED mystery I hope I’ll also have a trusted friend like Holmes had Watson to help him through all the mysteries he solved.

  14. If I was Sherlock Holmes then Sherlock Holmes would not be a detective but a great reader and a writer just like me. :P And maybe I would be reading the novel based on a detective called Sandeep Sharma and would be solving global mysteries by reading it page after page.

  15. A bit tricky to answer ... so here is something that's always been a mystery for me ... Would like to solve whether destiny drives a person or a person writes his or her own destiny... Still waiting for this mystery to be solved.... ;) I am Sherlock..Sherlock Holmes...

  16. If I were Sherlock Holmes.I'd solve some Indian cases, expose some dirtbag politicians (and the like) with my sharp skills and try to do some good to my poorly-treated country.

  17. The real reason behind Amelia Earhart's disappearance, how did the Egyptians build those huge Pyramids without and engineering technology five thousand years ago, why did Sylvia Plath really kill herself, how did Dhoom 3 become a hit, how did Divya Bharti really die, did Hitler escape from the bunker or did he die in the fire, was Shakespeare the real author of all those plays or are the conspiracy theorists right, why was Kadambari Tagore's death so hushed up by her family, what really happened to the passengers aboard the ghost ship Marie Celeste, are Javier Bardem and Jeffrey Dean Morgan long lost brothers.............If I were Sherlock I would solve all these and more.

  18. If I were sherlock holmes , I would want to study more about the questions of "being human" . What does it avtually mean to Salman and all the wanna be who keep wearing it !

  19. Lock the 'Sher' and take it 'Home'= Sherlock Holmes! :D Jokes apart! If I were Sherlock, I would like to find out the mind-set of 'AAP- Aam Aadmi Party'. From forming a party to winning the seats and now towards the CM position, they really have confused the commoners. So watssup with you Mr. Kejriwal? We would like to see what you do after getting the power. Hope you don't sail your ship towards the normally abnormal path of corruption.

    A concerned Indian.

  20. If I were Sherlock, I would find the reason behind people being so inhuman and brainless(don't mind my words).This is actually the definition I would like to give the rapists who are coward and try to make people suffer without their slightest fault. They are those people who are mistakenly brought to the world and are not actually supposed to be here.
    If I had the ability to be Sherlock Holmes, I would never stop myself from slaughtering these animals,double the pain they caused to the victims.