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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Give Away No 4: Maya's Revenge by Deepika Ahlawat

The third book we giveaway under 

"The Readers Cosmos Christmas &
New Year GiveAway
Powered by Harper Collins India is

All you have to do is 
1. Share the book's coverpage on your wall and tag your friends.

2. Tweet/write about  about your thoughts on #Revenge on facebook and twitter and in the comments section below. 

3. Those who tag their friends and the friends join the giveaway gets extra brownie points.

The best tweet/post shall win. Donot Forget the #RCHCGiveAway

Multiple entries allowed. 
So what are you waiting for? Get gearing to win this amazing book!

Contest ends at 11:59PM on 30th Jan 2013

Terms and Conditions:
1. This contest is open to Indian residents only.
2. Incomplete entries withoutht the #RCHCGiveAway will not be considered.
3. The decision of the judges will be final.


  1. Revenge !!! that's something which is out of dictionary. It's not that all the people of this world are my friends but I don't like to take revenge for anything. I never ever had that feeling till now.. When someone hurts or cheats me I just break down all the contacts with him/her. People may call me coward, loser or whatever they like but I am sure I don't need revenge on anyone.... :)

  2. To give unconditional love/Happiness is the best revenge. If anyone hurts you then also giving love and happiness to them that is the best revenge, that creates guilty to that person.

  3. Revenge is the seed of all evils. It is like an automatic answering machine. As soon as you are harmed by someone your mind wishes to reply in the same manner. A feeling that creeps out when your emotions are broken. Revenge comes out from our uncontrolled sentiments. Controlling it requires a lot of tolerance. Revenge results in nothing good. Its the way of showing one's greedy and dark side. Revenge grows in the depth of a numbed mind. Its a feeling which seems incomplete unless one revert back in the same manner, unless the disturbed mind is satisfied. But it results only in the destruction of civil and emotional values and hence should be controlled.

  4. Maya here is illusion, and all material life is its revenge. Read the book to know more...

  5. This may sound strange but revenge doesn't always make its entry with a lot of noise. Yes, there are sworn enemies getting sucked into the vortex of revenge and giving the world a lot of chaos and disturbance accompanied by loud decibels.

    The best form of revenge comes disguised as smiles. It enters as a friend, maintains the façade of friendship, and is even apparently disturbed when the victim suffers. Revenge is really revenge when its intents are not deciphered... and when the victim actually leans on the shoulder of the perpetrator and cries!

    Arvind Passey

  6. Revenge is best served with wine and Blood. Contrary to the popular belief the best revenge is not the revenge that served cold rather the revenge that never ever served. Once you know that the revenge will be served and the wait for the revenge itself a great revenge. Anticipations are so freaky than actual happening.

  7. Revenge is like drugs. For one person it could be life and for other it could be a shortcut towards death. It is not mandatory that revenge only result in evil. Sometimes revenge comes with the empowerment of self esteem. Positive revenge can change the course of world's thinking and negative revenge can take away all you had gained in life so far. Extent of revenge is the thing which draws the thin line between positive and negative revenge.

  8. Revenge resides in the unconscious mind
    Creepinp up slowly,feeding on our sentiments
    Forming an illusive atmosphere before our eyes
    Awakening the greedy waves of the dark ocean of desolation
    Paralysing our power to think
    Drenching us in the rain of insanity
    And making us the slaves in the hands of avarice

  9. #Revenge is considered a payback but usually drains one's own energy. For those who say revenge is sweet, It is highly draining and eats up time that would be spent productively! Because the best revenge is living happily in front of those who wished you otherwise. Time will give its response in its own way. Slowly, but surely!

    Dhivya Balaji

  10. Revenge is sweet, but not sweeter than forgiveness..

  11. Walking away without saying anything is the best revenge,

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