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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

GiveAway No. 5. Tales From A Vending Machine by Anees Salim

The fourth book we giveaway as we enter 2014

"The Readers Cosmos Christmas &
New Year GiveAway
Powered by Harper Collins Indiais
  Tales From A Vending Machine by Anees Salim

 Enter Here:

Please note that the Answer to the question should be in the comments below this post only.

Multiple entries allowed. 
So what are you waiting for? Get gearing to win this amazing book! 

3 copies up for a grab

Contest ends at 11:59PM on 2nd Jan 2014.

Terms and Conditions:
1. This contest is open to Indian residents only.
2. Incomplete entries without the #RCHCGiveAway will not be considered.
3. The decision of the judges will be final.



  1. The Woman who has inspired me - Actually two are there - My mom : She has taught to live life as it is. I have no words to describe the struggle she went thro herself yet remained strong enough to support us.
    Next, Gladys Quintal - My friend, a Writer and an Abuse survivor - No woman can possibly put up and survive with all the injustice that happened to her. She is one brave woman who impacted my life even without her knowing it!

  2. A woman who has inspired me or a woman whom I respect and follow the most is my elder sister. She is working in an IT firm and earning in lakhs but that isn't what I am proud of. The way she struggled all through her life to reach this position is really commendable. I mean belonging to a middle class family it's not quite easy to live a life king/queen size but this is what she proved wrong. I could write more about her and still say that, that won't be enough to describe her struggling life and the way she is living her life now. And the most important thing, she loves me a lot and has been always there whenever I have needed her....

  3. Most of the posts on my blog ( ) have Specky commenting, analysing, advising, humouring, guiding, discussing, agreeing, disagreeing... in short, emerging as an expressive individual, a powerful identity whose presence is simply there.

    Who is Specky?

    My wife. Dr Sangita Passey ( )

    Arvind Passey

  4. The Woman who inspired me - will be three, actually. First and Foremost, my mother, who taught me to live my life to the fullest and never wake up crying or upset. She showed me how to lead life and she keeps constantly supporting me, no matter what I do, provided it is right, moral and beneficial to at least someone. Second will be author JK Rowling. And this has nothing to do with her financial success. She proved that with good imagination and creativity, you can inspire millions. She has showed you, both in her life and via her characters that you are what you are and you are not to be ashamed of it. The third is my grandmother, who showed me being born in a simple family is no hindrance to living big. To the eternal traveller, and adventurer, I still remember your hike to the Niagara falls at age 74!

  5. There are two women who inspired me most. The 1st one is my mom who always supported me in every facet of my life, one of the most positive human being of my life. And the second one is my primary teacher who taught me how to read and write.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. People say we have everything hidden inside us. But in order to realise that, something outside us should correspond to that everything hiding within us.That is where inspiration comes into picture. I always felt that my heart was connected with art and literature but I hardly realised it due to the lack of proper inspiration. And then I met her on a social website. She is an artist and now one of my good friends . She is the one who flicked the match of inspiration and ignited the flame inside me. Suddenly I started writing for her artworks and posted them on a social website. She is the one who gave me a push to release my love for writing and reading. Firstly I was a silent soul, hardly able to express my feelings but now I am able to ink them on the paper. I can now talk to people without using my voice. Moreover I was much inspired by her gloomy personal life. She was badly abused and assaulted during her chilhood and even after her marriage. She has always remained strong even in the worst moments of her life. She has taught me that don't expect life to be a fairy tale because at some point of time it may take turns and make you travel through unbelievable moments. I talk to her regularly and she still continues to remain the light of my inspiration which has changed my way of looking towards life, to keep going as life does not wait for anyone.

  8. The lady who has inspired me a lot through her book is Dawna Markova, the author of the ridiculously inspiring book called ‘I WILL NOT DIE AN UNLIVED LIFE’. This work of hers is a treasure I posses & is of big help always. It aims at reclaiming purpose & passion. She is somebody who taught me how to live life. She is a long term cancer survivor. She has been through difficult times but has always braved all of them. There is not much information about her on the web & therefore, I don’t know much about her. But after reading her book I can say she plays an important role in my life. Especially, the poem she penned down after her father’s death.
    I will not die an unlived life.
    I will not live in fear
    of falling or catching fire.
    I choose to inhabit my days,
    to allow my living to open me,
    to make me less afraid, more accessible,
    to loosen my heart
    until it becomes a wing,
    a torch, a promise.
    I choose to risk my significance;
    to live so that which comes to me as seed
    goes to the next as blossom
    and that which comes to me as blossom,
    goes on as fruit.

  9. The women who inspired me is my mom. She inspired me that the culture and age is not a barrier for knowledge.