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Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Readers Cosmos Christmas & New year Mega Giveaway...Powered by Harper Collins India

Its Christmas time and how best to celebrate it than with giving away what we bibliophiles love and treasure the most, Books!!! Our generous sponsors as always are Harper Collins India and a big thank you to them as here you will see the the best ever books that will be given away and therefore what can we call it other then A Mega Give Away! 10+ titles and more then 100 copies to be won. Also if you guys play well they will add more!


We will have a new book to giveaway every three days. The best thing you can do to show your love is share the books coverpage on your facebook wall and tweet about it. The format of every contest shall be different and the instructions for the same will be found in a specific post for each giveaway.

The best part is we have Signed Copies of I Swollwed The Moon by none other than Gulzar Sahab and so the most active participant combined through all contests who really plays consistently well, shares, tweets and retweets will win these copies. So who is ready to win it and win them all? Start participating actively.

Also remember all your shares on facebook and tweets should havethe hashtag

All the contests will be judged by Nimi Vashi - Blogger and Founder: The Readers Cosmos.

Terms and Conditions:
1. The contest is open for Indian Residents only.
2. The Decision by Judges shall be final.

List of Giveaways:
 Give Away No. 1. The Roof Beneath Their Feet by Geetanjali Shree (ended)(

GiveAway No. 2. Sherlock Holmes in Japan by Vasudev Murthy (ongoing)


  1. so here begins the christmas celebration.. Finally something I could cheer of... :)

  2. Waiting when the courier knocking my door giving my Christmas gift.

  3. wow! What a treat for book lovers :D Hoping to win!

  4. Kinda late to see this but did you guys noticed the spelling error here? "and more then 100 copies to be won".
    *than :P