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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Why Shahrukh Khan is a true Youth Icon

Well before I start writing this article, let me clarify that I do love actors but idolize mostly Scientists, being in the research field, as I believe they do a lot of self less work and some Entrepreneurs who have truly driven change with innovation and great business models. 

Shahrukh  Khan was the first man I ever fell in love with. However as one matures, it just becomes one of the things. However I really admire him as an actor for the diversity of roles he can play, especially because he is started as a theater artist. He started his career with a lot of different sorts of movies but was noticed for his negative roles in Anjaam and Darr, to the chocolate boy image that we love him for with Yash Raj and Karan Johar to intense roles such as Swades and Chak De India. However we knew him only as a star and little from the interviews that appeared in magazines and newspapers which truly ask the same stupid questions about hair styles and upcoming movies. Shahrukh Khan came alive as a person to people via his twitter handle @iamsrk. 

I am a PhD student in Biology (broadly) and the nature of my work is such that at what ever time the organisms I work with (bacteria) reaches the right stage we have to be there to fix the samples at that precise time point to study them at a later stage. So we are found in our labs at the weirdest hours you can imagine. The next thing is I work on Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the pathogen that causes TB and this being a deadly airborne pathogen we have to work in specialized labs called BSL3 (Bio-Safety level 3) with negative pressure, a full body suit, two layers of gloves and two masks. So on the day one sets up an infection experiment one is completely drained. On such days when I logged onto Twitter I found motivational tweets from @iamsrk. A particular one that I remember is "At the end of the day when I am tired, I feel like working more and tiring myself out all the more". That truly felt so good at that moment.

 However, what I loved the most was his session at #AgendaAajTak2013, wherein he was asked "What is your message for youth about the secret of being successful?". The answer he gave touched me, and these are the words I tell myself every time I feel I wont be able to do something "To achieve success isnt easy. You will have to give up a lot of things you love. Forget food, sleep and relaxation. You have to be tensed may even get blood pressure. You will have to sleep less and work very hard. You have to go on no matter whether you are fine or ill, whether you are tired or not, whether you wish or don't wish to do it, you will have to work and work very hard. You might not be able to give that much time to your family as much as you want to, but you will have to do your work, Success doesn't wait". This was so far the most realistic thing that a great personality put forth so simply. It was a clear cut truth, stated in simple manner, no sweet delusional talk. Listen to this for more:

Yes I am sure many of you will now begin telling me that he has been rude and had some fights with reporters. But guess what when he was  asked about it, he was honest. He apologized to people whose sentiments he had hurt, acknowledging his shortcomings as a public figure. Check this for yourself

So what more can you ask for in an idol? he is honest, simple, motivating and a great speaker! Cheers to Shahrukh Khan!

I thank The India Today group and Aaj Tak for this great opportunity of listening to him live!


  1. Great read... mam. He is the most generous and kind person in the film industry after amitabh bachchan in my opinion.

  2. I remember falling in love with him at the same time with my granny when we used to watch Circus on Sunday mornings... :)

    People often ask why SRK fans are such hardcore fans? [It is true - once you love him, you always love him while other fans have changed their idols from Salman/Amir to Hrithik/Ranbir] I always reply because he never gives us a chance to stop loving him... Sweet talker to the core - SRK also is a family man, hardworking and a star who acknowledges his fans make him what he is.

    Love him always...

    1. Great to know that you are an SRK fan too :). Truly he is much more to learn from then just admire his acting.

  3. He is a great human being full of gratitude :-)

  4. He is one of my favorite actor .He is looking very handsome and very good actor and also very great human being man.

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    1. You seem to be a fellow SRK fan. Thank you for stopping by, reading and ofcourse all the facts that you have written about him in the comment above.

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