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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Review of The Sunsilk Real FM Movie

It was a last moment invite by #Indiblogger, just two days before the D-Day. However, the concept of movie for a brand seemed, new and interesting and an invitation to the screening itself was an honor indeed. Also the movie was made by Anurag Basu who has given us movies such as Saaya, Life In a Metro and Barfi. So I decided to not miss this chance. 

It was different then most meets, as I entered there was an entire RJ set where I struck a pose. Also there  was Pepsi, Popcorn, and the place was almost like a cinema hall. 

The Sunsilk Real FM Movie Review:

MTV India and Hindustan Unilever Ltd have under an initiative named MTV Films, which will bring to the audience a mixed bag of six movies based on brand philosophies of different HUL (Hindustan Uni Lever) product brands that will be showcased every month.

Background: The first ever movie. An experiment  brand endorsing a theme it is based on, here "confidence" for Sunsilk and a story to fit it. "Hmm now isn't that a challenge?" I thought as the lights went dark and then the movie began. But then being a scientist what I appreciate the most is novel approaches and experimentation.  Rhea the lead character is a 22 year old girl, who is cool, chills with friends and has family values. Her father is an owner of a Radio station which isn't doing well economically. Suddenly on 14th August his lead RJ gangs up every other member of staff and decides to quit as their request for salary hike isn't addressed. Rhea's father who recently had a bypass couldn't bear the fact that on the most important day 15th August, the independence day, his Radio station won't be operational, he collapses. 

Rhea persuades her boyfriend, an RJ at Real FM to help her but he doesn't. With no option at hand but a firm desire to help her father and his radio station she decides to carry forward with the broadcast herself with her friends. They land up at the studio, thanx to modern day technology, youtube teaches them how to manage the equipment and they begin. Rhea though with a certain slip of tongues and mistakes, she quickly gets a handle on  being an RJ. She is quick to realize that playing the same set of patriotic songs as every channel will, isn't going to get them a good traffic of listeners. The bond of friendship is one of the strongest messages from the movie. So after a little brainstorming they come up with a unique idea, to play the songs of each state, and not downloaded from youtube but having artist's to sing it in the studio.  Now that was something unique, live music always is much fresh and real then a youtube song. A sort of theme of unity in diversity came out.

The noted down the names of all 28 states and tried getting artists one by one. There was a little romance, a love triangle, spice with goons coming to hault the radio station and comedy when they turned into one of the singers for the show. The hall cheered as each state song played, and I the most when "tara vina shyam" from my land Gujarat played. Though the screening wasn't on Independence day we felt united, truly proud of our diversity and its variety. One more element that brought out the message were the live interview done by them on the streets what would they like to change, there was a man from Bihar who simply said "main yahan kaam karne aayan hoon, do paise kamane aaya hoon, kisi se jhagda karne nahi" he said. That left an everlasting impression on my mind.

Anurag Basu has also been clever in leaving the love triangle open ended, keeping the audience wondering. The element of sentiment sparkles strong and various messages have been sent across emphatically in a span of less than 100 minutes which is remarkable.

The Verdict!
Positives: Many components were covered in short span, the feeling of united India, showcasing a common man's emotions emphatically, components of family values, understanding your parents, children, siblings and above all the theme of Sunsilk "believing in one self, being confident and winning the challenge at hand". The movie also all in  also managed a beautifiul song that highlights the spirit of those dreams waiting to be fulfilled. The branding wasn't overdone keeping in right measure, which actually gave originality to it.

Negatives: The male actor who played Rhea's boyfriend seemed juvenile.

Overall: All in all a lot in a little time, delivered very emphatically, making the writer in me awed! A good concept that can be developed to promote a brand much better with an entire movie that has a lasting effect, not the ones that triggers you to change the channel. Rating - 4.5 stars on 5.

Review by RJ Nimi :P

This movie review has been written under the #SunsilkRealFMExperiences exclusive screening organized by Sunsilk in association with IndiBlogger. Looking forward to more of these special screenings of the other five films as well.

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