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Monday, March 17, 2014

Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister by Tabrik C.

Title: Prisoner Jailor PrimeMinister
Author:  Tabrik C.
Category: Fiction (Suspense &Thriller)
Publisher: Hachette India
Date: 2013
Price: Rs.350
Pages: 323

Snapshot:  This is the story of a character you will remember forever and pray exists, Siddhartha Tagore, a musician by soul with poilitics in genes and a mind with bipolar disorder. His actions and thoughts for India clear, staright forward and action based as he ascends onto the throne of Priminster of India. But that's not all about him, though he left somewhere the shadows of his past linger, someone calls him even in absence and he gets drawn to his past as the story moves forward. He as a character and his life just has too many surprises to offer which the author Tabrik C, serves one by one for the reader to savour, relish and digest before he comes up with the next one. Get ready to witness what happen to the nation when a Tansen and Mozart combination of a Prime Minister with a Romeo's heart faces a nobel prize winning Economist with an idea to restructure India's constitution once and for all.

The Review: Well honestly I wasn't impressed by the coverpage of the book and neither did the title attract me, however I attended Tabrik sir's talk at the Delhi Literature Festival 2014 and he his thoughts on the current Indian political scenario were deep, analytical and yet explained simply. He was kind to send a copy for review later post our twitter interaction and its great he did as otherwise I surely would have missed an excellent read.

The story begins with Siddhartha Tagore swearing in as the Prime Minister of India. As described in the snapshot he is a great musician, educated at Harvard, however later deciding to follow his beloved fathers footsteps into politics. The idea of such a personality was intriguing and then the author draws us to Ruby his lady love whom he remembers at every instant, every moment big and small. But we are also tole that he is single, despite of being the charismatic personality that he is. However the awesome Siddhartha Tagore docent have all the cakes at one go, the very first day of his tenure a message for a terrorist attack is clearly sent to threaten his hold, also the opposition is strong with a Noble prize winner Rukmani Devi on the fore front, ravaged live that bruised lion who was sure to hunt and the prey escaped at the last moment. She does know how to play her cards well. As we dwell into Siddhartha's past we travel to Harvard, its various choices of courses, its strong hold on politics, its intellectual microcosm and the freedom of its corridors where friendship and even love blooms. The centre of that phase brings out the romeo in him and the purest form of love - Rubaya. A love that is eternal. As Siddhartha Tagore - the prime minister fights the challenges of terrorism, opposition and life threatening attacks on him, his opponents leave no leaf unturned to destroy him. They catch the string of his past which lead us down the road that hides amongst shadows obscuring secrets that can cripple him.

Can he save himself and the nation from all of these? Read and find out.

The Verdict: 
Positive: The most positive aspect of this book is the characters well sketched and beautifully presented. the fact that when Siddharth Tagore thinks of love, loss and music the authors tone turns poetic almost lyrical taking one into the mind of the character. The plot has a lot of ups and downs and surprises that keeps one glued to it all throughout.

I was so much into music while reading this that even now as I write this review an Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma plays Santoor in the background.

Negatives: Some spelling and grammatical errors which donot break the flow. There are certain points in the story which could have been developed and the story could have extended, If the author plans a sequel to address those then it isnt a negative. Otherwise they surely would have been great plots to delve into.

The Verdict:  Certainly a not to miss book. A great story, written beautifully. Tabrik C is an author to look forward to. 4 stars on 5. 

I thank the author and Hachette India for a review copy.

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