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Thursday, April 10, 2014

How to encounter a smelly pooper around you, work or otherwise!

Summers have come! Though it means that now you get to eat more ice-creams and at all times then you would dare to in the harsh Delhi winters. But on the con side it brings with it what? sweat, stickiness and most of all stinking smell. Well most of all would now take a bath twice or thrice day (for those of us who commute) but how about those that do just with perfumes in this season. What about the smelly poopers around you in office, travelling in a metro or anywhere? You know which kind right? The kind in this video...

First don't be one, If you are one and are lazy at having a bath, then install all new Racold water cools, its eco-friendly technology keeps you germ free fresh at no cost to mother nature and a lot of lives around you that would have died of pollution you created would be saved! Trust me and do it for humanity please! 

Second carry a handkerchief really soaked in your favourite perfume. Especially when you travel and commute everyday, really saves you from the variety of smells that comes from a variety of sources. 

If it is a collegue, invest in gifting them a perfume or body soap. But this might lead to a loss as people may not get this cue and your investment might just go waste. If the person really doesnt get this then let me manager handle it.                                                                                                                         However co-workers are still tolerable but what if thats your boss like in the video above? What to do then? Tough spot...hmm...                                                                                                                                 Well one way is surely to "stay away", But thats not permanent is it? The best thing is check when is the next ocassion in his family, his birthday, his mom's or dad's aniversary, even if its his maid's birthday, go ahead and give him a generation next incentive of water heaters which would encourage him to bath! Yes the answer to that is just one Racold. Check out their range of water heaters and heating systems here Give your boss the invitation to the bathroom ;) and I dont mean dirty I mean Racold :P

      Do these not invite you to the bathroom? Rejuvnate, relax and feel reborn with Racold.

On a serious note some diseases can lead to body odour and so do some ethic cusines. Before you deal with a smelly collegue do ensure it isn't because of the above mentioned reasons. 

Have a bath everyday, rejuvenate yourself, feel fresh, reborn with Racold today! Like this page to get regular updates about their latest products :

This post is for the contest "Close Encounters of the Smelly Kind" by Indiblogger. #WhatsThatSmellBoss


  1. Nice take on the topic. Please check my take as well. :)

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