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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Find_Love.Com by Neeta Iyer

Title: Find_Love.Com
Author: Neeta Iyer
Category: Fiction
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
Date: 2013
Price: Rs. 199
Pages: 208

Snapshot:  This book is a take on finding your love via arranged marriage, facilitated's by means of fiction.

The Review:   This is the story of a groom hunt for Swati Kannan , a slim, talll ,fair 29 year old via "arranged setting". Though the titlke of the book says .com newspapers adds and traditional connection via family also happens in the story. In a humorous manner the author has tried to bring out the problems with the system, the confusions, the minute yet not very strong interactions mostly one sided, and a lot of intuition all fading before the hunt for the most perfect bride who comes with a lot of dowry of course.

The book does highlight the problems of arranged marriage and the confusion one faces as choosing a guy for a life partner in one setting is pressure. The character mainly depends on her intuition above everything which she refers to as "ghanti bajna" seemingly inspired from SRK/Yash Raj movies. Though even practically speaking that is the only way in such settings. 

Positives:  The writing is crisp and editing brilliant. The book does have a good sense of wit as the lead character even amongst great turmoil describes every event with a great sense of humour. It also brushes upon important expectations from the Indian bride like great looks, good culinary skills, huge bags of dowry, and the list is endless, seems everyone needs a superwoman. 

Negatives:  The story was difficult to believe with the central character being tall, fair (of course Indian wanna be bride has to be fair) and beautiful. With a girl anyone can easily fall for, somethings never come into the lime light. Even if you for a second gave benefit of doubt to this character and her single status despite of being an RJ, there comes a chapter when a  celebrity singer flirts with her and she for a little while falls for him. Now isn't that an everyday thing for an RJ? I suppose so. 

The worst heartbreak comes in the end, when she doesn't find her love through a .com which ruins it for the reader. On the other hand the role played by her best friend and advisor, who actually goes through confusions and reaches to even the most bizarre of explanations about guys while screening them to me seemed more convincing. 

The Verdict: Good only for a light read. 2 stars on 5.

About The Author: Neeta Iyer is Music lover. Corporate ace. Travel fiend. Social junkie. Trendy. Full of life. With her debut novel, Neeta adds to this elastic list her new facet of a writer.

I thank the author Neeta Iyer for a copy. 

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