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Monday, June 23, 2014

#JodeyDilonKO An Indo Pak Dosti Initiative by Zindagi Channel

14th August1947- A part of Hindustan called Pakistan is seperated from it, riots continue over one of the most massive migration of humans to ever happen.

In 1948- Father of the nation "India" Mahatma Gandhi to embark on his dream mission- India and Pakistan Peace Process but is sadly assassinated.

On11th February 1999- Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayeeji initiates Indo-Pak Peace with starting a maiden bus services and travels himself with celebrities like Dev Anandji to Pakistan.

23rd June 2014- ZeeTv creates a history in  bridging the wounded gaps between two nations. Launches a new channel Zindagi that will showcase stories of life across the border.

Pre launch of the Zindagi Channel, ZEE was instrumental in partnering with Indiblogger thereby letting the nation know through India's best bloggers what Zindagi will be all about. To spread a word about their initiative, mission, intention and the road ahead. It was a meet unlike any other where two cities in India the capital Delhi and the financial Capital will be interacting live with the makers of the shows on this channel in Pakistan . It was an attempt to tie the strings of the hearts of the common people by sharing stories of people across the border, for they are also common as we are, have the same problems as we do and the cultures are mostly similar.

    The Offical Mascot IndiBlogger Zindagi #JodeyDilonKo IndoPak Initiative

For all of us who ever had a foreign student in our universities know this fact that Pakistan and India are not very different. Our food, cultures, inhibitions, people, thinking and behaviours are more similar than those with people of  any other nation. However, people like our parents or those not studying in an international environ may not have the same feelings. With this problem in mind Zee thought of an idea, an idea which would become an entire initiative to patch up the wounds that have existed for more than six decades now. For Atal Bihari Vajpayee once said "there can be only one way for peace between two nations, the one laced with art".

This meet began with a debate over the video conference, "What is better? Mumbai Vs Delhi". The Mumbai bloggers stood for theirs and we stood for ours. We fought for Delhi food, the hottest Delhi mean, the extreme Delhi weather and the best of all Delhi Bloggers. Apart from the fun, what was more effective were a few voices that said that "Bloggers of India are the best". It truly reflected oneness. At the end of it all, Anup rightly pointed out that the purpose of this debate was to show us that even cities within the same nation debate, for people love their cities. There are differences amongst people of different states, yet we exist as a nation. There are certainly differences between us and Pakistan but it is a country born out of ours and to this day there exists a lot of similarities between the two. Our cultures, food, emotions and traditions match and therefore our stories.  The precise initiative by Zee here being bridging the gaps between the two nations by these stories. Isn't that unique and touching?

Next we heard from people from Zee who are behind the ideation and creation of this entire channel from concept to making it happen! Their eagerness and enthusiasm better explained in pictures:

  And guess who did we have with us...the very charming Pakistani actor Imran Abbas and Mr. Akash Chawla,  Marketting Head-ZEEL.

This was followed by a Q&A with Imran Abbas and of course I wanted to know
"How in his opinion could art bridge the gap between the two nations?"

Yes that is me asking the question (I couldn't resist telling him how handsome he was, and he returned the compliment, well that truly made my day :P).

Imran Abbas responding to audience's questions.

His response was Amazing. He said "You have loved Ghulam Ali saab and encouraged a lot of Pakistani singers recently. So have we had Naseeruddin Shah, Nandita Das, etc. Indian actors in each of our best films. We have grown up watching the same shows as you. Our cultures are similar I believe as even in modern day Pakistan "the saas-bahu chemistry" is what we see on Indian TV, so are our galess (well I honestly loved the galee analogy).  He did have a great public presence. He further added that he was a fan of Kishore Kumar, Mohammed Rafi and Lata Mageshkar." 

The amazing thing was people do love Pakistani stories, there was a blogger who had watched many Pakistani series and knew the people who made it. She said she had to hide the fact that she watched these for the fear of being ridiculed. Well, Zindagi channel is certainly going to end this issues once and for all. Also, as another female blogger pointed out it will be a great medium to get updates on Pakistani fashion, which in India is certainly gaining popularity. Seems like there are many reasons to watch these shows. 

Oh! he does sing well too, he sang "hum tere bin kahi reh nahi sakte" before we would let him go.

Post his session we had an online interaction with the head of ZeeTv in Pakistan lovingly known as "Sultana Aapa" which was the USP of this meet, truly connecting the nations. She spoke about how she selects stories, actors etc. and work on them before the final shoot, which was intriguing. I am sure she will have many scripts from India as well post this meet.

What I missed from the meet was meeting all these people face to face and interacting with them. As Indi's email said we could interact with script writers which actually drove me there didnt happen. And I miss Swati, she has clicked the best pictures so far at the meet. I wish Zindagi all the success as it airs today and pray from the bottom of my heart that it achieves its nobel cause of uniting our hearts (#JodeyDilonKo) forever. 

So friends stop watching the repetitive "saas-bahu drama" you have been watching for more than a decade now and turn to stories that connect you across the borders of your nation, tune into a channel that has taken the first bold step, its time to get a life and switch to Zindagi.  You can get all the updates of their shows at

 The Tradition: IndiBlogger Delhi Group photo after every meet. Spot me in the pink top :). 

Life is too short to have grudges, hatred and animosity, extend a hand of friendship, there will be another to grab it. 

I would like to leave you all with this thought aptly written by Javed Akhtar Sahab :
"Panchi Nadiyan Aur Pawan Ke Jhonke,
Koi Sarhad na Inhe Roke,
Sarhadein Insaano Ke Liye Hai,
Socho Tumne Aur Maine Kya Paya Insaan Hoke"

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