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Monday, July 7, 2014

Food is Beautiful When Served in Borosil

We women are very specific about our kitchen ware and dining sets, you know why? Because food is not just what it tastes its also how it looks. And what is food that doesnt tempt the one being served just to gobble it down. In such cases even a pinch of salt less goes unnoticed. Don't you agree with me ladies? And what better than the variety of aesthetic options you find with Borosil (

A brief about my love with Borosil began in chemistry lab, standard 11. It was the first time i had heard the name of the glassware company. The last day of school we broke the glassware by trying different chemical reactions which we were normally forbidden to. One semister the glassware was replaced with borosil and trust me even when the tube fell on the ground there was not one crack. That is one reason I now bein in final year of my PhD have always ordered borosil when it comes to my experiments and now even my food, as borosil its one brand which has stood the test of times and has nevr disappointed us. Borosil stands for quality along with beauty as their tag line says "Performs Beautifully".

Coming back from the lab to my kitchen now...A perfect way to end a long tiring week for me is a meal in the company of friends, so some of us have formed a cooking club and we invite on and off each other and a few close friends to relax on a sunday evening, gossip, dine and learn a few cooking receipes from each other. I am a lover classy italian food, which is mouth watering (calorific...yes, but after an entire weeks work, well deserved), rich and fulfilling:
1. Starters: Baked potato with cream chese.
2. Maincourse: Spinach Pasta with Pineapple Juice
3. Desert: Choclate cake with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

I would welcome my friends and make them fill at home with a rich starter, something that makes them loosen up and fill their tummies with warmth. Imagine the starter being baked potato cooked with cream chese which has a melting essence in your mouths. The herbs added just makes you re-discover those taste buds that lay dormant. and how lovely wiuld my potato filled with cream cheese and herbs, dripping on the sides look in this lovely dish...
                   (though they have just mentioned indian food...try it for serving your starters like me )

2. The next on the menu, mine and half the worlds favourite, Penne Spinacio or Spicanch Pasta.
I can outbeat Poppye when it comes to the love of green food, and Spinach is one of the top favourites too. So same goes in my pasta, tasty and healthy spinach choped and grinded to a paste, mixed with boiled Penne followed by mixing with generous amounts of cheese and oregano. Finally layered by garlic and chilli  roasted in a coat of whiet sauce...mmm....yumm....mmm.....

This served in my favourite Square Dish set:

this with a refreshing Pineapple juice prepared and served in the combination of Vision Jug and Everest Large Glass ....
 (The Vision Jug- the look with the durability)
(Everest Large Glasses- Tall, Slim and unique design)

The last meal of the day the desert...what can be better than Chocolate cake with icecream. A hot cake right out of my microwave with its choclate dripping with a cold icecream that gives a sooth at home feeling, a feeling of ultimate relaxation, one which can only be felt not descibed. 

Lo and just behold and look how well I will serve it with #Borosil Celebration Platter  for anytime with friends is celebration time:

Doesnt it bring one back to life after an entire weeks effort, food and beautiful food does that to me and brings me up back to life with all the stamina I need to hail through the next week.

Coming to the food being served, I love nature designs and the lively colours of Borosil Dinner sets, therefore Vibgyor Milano is my favourite:

I am sure now whenever my friends think of Sunday they will think of Me, the food and the beautiful Borosil. You cab browse more designs here at and choose from more available options to the perfect match for your food.....and before you think the post has is a secret I saw that I must have seen before trying to break all those test-tubes in my lab:

:P :P :P 

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