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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Planning A Travel Now Is Faster Cheaper and Easier With Sky Scanner

I am sure all of you have encountered one problem while planning an air travel, the moment you look for multiple options or you google the destination many times, the price rises. Its most irritating when that happens just when you finalise your travel, are about to make a payment and whoosh on your screen you have a message reading all those hours spent thinking and comparing prices to get the best deal were nothing but a wait, you just got robbed. Well now you just won't have to face it again as SkyScanner is here. True to its name it gives you the best options for travel. Best deals across multiple e-commerce portals, across airlines. Check it out here:

                                               The Sky Scanner main page....all you need is here!
As you can see the home page, you can book flights, hotels, buses and cars all in one place that is SkyScanner. Also right below the booking options you can see they have solutions from multiple e-commerce sites like MakeMyTrip, etc. On the left hand side you see the current offers running on the portal.

My destination is the beautiful an exotic country of Kangaroo...Australia. As you can see in the image above all I did was enter my travel destinations and the departure date, the search engine returned with hundreds of available options listed from lowest price onwards. It also showed me the costs of a non stop flight for comparison.

now I decided to go to perth first and meet my grandmom who lives there, so I chose Thai Airways, the most economical option with one stop worth INR 28,388.

Automatically I was conveniently directed to the next page where the flights were sorted according to the departure airport from India.

      Do you see the problem too? The only flight from delhi to perth is malaysia Airlines and I am scared.

so I have decided to go via Bengaluru instead, now once I choose that option then you see the read fun of SkyScanner:

Now as you can see highlighted in red are the options you get along with the cheapest pricing that comes out in green boldly. You can choose to go safe via an e-commerce portal of your choice or if you are a student like me choose the cheapest and best option. So no multiple window opening and searching per site the air fares and manually comparing it, SkyScanner does that for you. I am really having a sigh of relief , finally! somebody thought of this.

On the left you have pricing and airline options, its great to travel by the airlines you trust. So in essence you don't have to search for anything more, all that you need is well sorted right before your eyes which sames time and money both.

If at any point you wish to go to the site you have been using you scroll down this page and go to the direct links:

This being my first trip to australia, I shall rather go for a pre- booked cab. No i donot have to log on any where else, its all here, take a look:

After meeting Grandma and staying with her for a week, I plan to travel Australia. I can do all my bookings right here ia their cab service. As you can see you can also choose Return car at a different location option below your destination so I can easily do all my travel bookings right here, Isn't that cool and convenient?

Also for Sydney and Melbourne which is on my travel list I can find the hotels, right a click on the neighbouring button, isnt that called the Jet age travel?

As you can see here, the hotels are classified in multiple ways by price or distance from centre etc. You have reviews of about 100 people minimum for each option and the price you see on screen isn't much for an average hotel. since we still have 70, 000 INR more to spend will budget it between good hotels and best modes of travels. That's my trip planned and booked for destination Australia.

I am thankful to BlogAdda to introduce me to SkyScanner, Air travel bookings will no longer be a headache. I can plan my international trips right from here hassle free and once I am there I can relish the time enjoying the company of my Grandmother and the beautiful Australia rather than breaking my head over next days bookings.

This post is a part of Skyscanner travel wizard activity at

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