Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Cover Story

Book writing is a tedious task and picking up a good book confusing. With about 14+ titles released by a major publishing house each month, there is just the lot to read and the ever hanging question "What to read?". Authors and publishers therefore do their best in serving the dish with decor , which means a good focus is put on not just what is inside but even what is outside.

Certainly you cannot judge a book by its cover, but a good cover catches the vision and the reader does end up reading the blurb at the back, may be even the first two chapters before deciding to buy. A cover is the face of the book and if appropriately made can portray whats inside, and even hide just enough to get you thinking and want you explore. 

I am somebody who gets attracted to cover pages and that itself begins with me boarding onto the journey and if I like the first few chapters and the flow well we do reach destination sooner than we thought. Being a cover page enthusiast I shall now try to bring to you story behind the best cover pages (in my opinion), their creation right from ideation, the myths, the symbolism, the choice of depiction, everything that we can manage to get.

So are you ready to listen to the story the coverpage has to tell?

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