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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Make Your Home With

Our country India has been a land of stories. We grew up with stories about animals, gods, goddesses, etc. from our grandmothers. We had to be told about the fictional character "Gabbar" to make us fall asleep. So as we grew up we searched for the same and thankfully there were comic books and cartoon shows to cater one new story each day. The best part is these stories have stayed with us through the test of times. Even today Panchatantra remains my favourite as it involved nature and inspired me to be good. 

However the best event in my life was my baby brother after 8 years of a lonely childhood. He not only filled my world with is sweet cries and innocent demands but the best part is because of him the child in me is alive. He has been my sole and constant companion to fight for the remote when my parents wanted to watch the boring Kseries and we even today watch only cartoon or fiction on tv. Mom hates having us at home free. He introduced me to all the super hero's, Harry Potter and we also continued watching the oldest and the best Tom and Jerry. Today all my geekiness is because of him.

Well I am sure all of us reading the post, young or old has a child within them who loves cartoons and wants to be a Super Hero. In India we I have still found it difficult to get themed home decor. Not anymore. With this new portal called, which is surprisingly different and has variety of options, even rare beautiful theme based decor that one had always wanted for their homes. This is the advantage of niche portals and this one seems to be the best one with the advantage of shopping online, all that you wanted, sorted for you to select.

                                 Decorate your home with a click of a mouse with


         It has been my dream to decorate my brothers room into a little comic book - cartoon fantasy world.
Spiderman..Spiderman Does whatever a spider can....may little bro's awesome bedroom

And on the wall we will have another of his favourite characters- A Chota Bheem Wall Clock- grabbing it from this link
And to add to the perfect room would be everyones and his too all my favourite Tom and Jerry Curtains which I grabbed from here:

And that shall be my gift to my lovely little brother. I to would love to hangout more in his room then :P and he wouldn't mind. 

In those times when the world is cruel,
when it demands certain wickedness,
I shall preserve my innocence,
as I can be a child again;
all I need is the company of not the worldly wise,
but those characters that make everyone smile.

                 Kids section at

I choose all of the above from the well sorted Kids section. As you can see the site is organized so has to help you go right to the section you wish and choose without being lost and trying to find each thing seperately.

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