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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Rise Above Fear with Mountain Dew: Darr Ke Aage Hi Jeet Hai!

It was winter, this very time in December 2010, four years ago. I had just been in Delhi for a few months now and was happy to live and breathe in the capital city we so lovingly called "Dilwalon Ki Dilli". Delhi truly has all the colors one can fill their life with and it was the first time that I a PhD student had a freedom to step out and explore the nights. Night when the earth descends to darkness and humanity wraps itself and the cities with dazzling lights. The chill breeze in winters, or a hot summer gust of air both seem cool against the pitch black sky. However all my poetic thoughts had yet to find their canvas for a few months ago I really had to fight with my parents and peers to accept a PhD position even though it was with the most prestigious United Nations Organization for the city was Delhi- The Rape Capital.
One chilly night we decided one night to go and have Paratha with my friends at Moolchand, Delhi's famous Paratha place. It is located near metro station, its an open stall, nothing fancy. We were 3 girls and just one guy. After we filled ourselves to satiety with the delicious parathas, standing true to their reputation and were heading home. It was around 12 am in the night. A few metres away from the crowd enjoying Parathas a girl was walking alone, ahead of our car and was followed by guys in a car. They were asking her "chalti kya'” and we saw this slowed down right behind. I was really scared deep within. All that we saw on television was here happening in front of my eyes. Then I started panicking as they started misbehaving with her and hooting. She started shouting and expected the guys to run away, but one of them came out and held her hand and started pulling her into the car. My heart skipped a beat but then what the hell, she would become another story we read in the newspaper? No certainly not as long as I was there. They were about 4-5 men and we were just one guy and three women. We just thought “What the hell! This is just not going to happen before our eyes”.  I got out of the car and started making a noise. I shouted to another to call the police. My friends immediately came out too and the guys started arguing with my friend. I screamed on the phone after two of us dialed 100 “Hello Police…there is a rape about to happen and I started giving the number of the car”. At this moment the guys panicked, got scared and ran away. We then comforted her and after she thought she could trust her, packed her a set of paratha's as she hadn't had her dinner and dropped her at her PG apartment a few steps ahead, where she was initially walking to. She was a classical dancer in training and the next day they she had a performance, she lost track of time while practicing she said with tearful eyes. We just wished her good luck for in our hearts we know ambitious women have no place in the world full of men like the ones that attacked her.

In reality women are not safe anywhere in the country today. We walk of the house with a caution. We roam only in the daylight. In the night even if a moment after dark we are out whatever may then happen is considered our fault. We are told we eat chowmein and lose honor and we are told the use of mobile phones spoil us. The corporate culture or the perfect fit smart jeans attracted a man and so it was natural they force themselves on women. We are basically just given a notion of freedom for there really is none. 

Our parents spend their every penny in educating us, compromising their needs without discriminating between us and our brothers so that one day we can stand tall, but are wings are clipped off. We are made to realize we are women afterall. The word "Rape" unspoken yet slapped with in many ways like "Don't go out anything may happen to you", "Men are animals after all", "The times are not good" etc.  Every time I go out even today my parents have a high BP till I am back and I know somewhere they are not wrong,, the world indeed is bad and unfortunately I have seen it very closely now. 

A woman is not safe but with a little courage you can certainly save one. As the spirit of Dew says “Darr Ke Aage Hi Jeet Hai”

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This post is apart of " Rise Above Fear contest via Indiblogger in association with Mountain Dew.

Image and Video Courtesy: Mountain Dew India

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