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Monday, December 1, 2014

The Last Minute Shave

This era is the era where men like to have lot of facial hair, courtesy style icons like Ranveer Singh I suppose. If you check the generation of our parents they preferred a clean shave, so did their Icons like Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Bachchan. Its difficult to understand the fashion freaks today and the facial hair is often a cause of the tussle between my dad and my brother, needles to mention who is on what side. No matter what the occasion this generation fails to understand the importance of a clean look and mostly have to learn it the hard way.

It was my brothers convocation. He was about to get his first degree of "Bachelors in Engineering". My parents were excited. Indian parents always feel its more of their accomplishment and it is if you see the way each middle class family like ours this and plan to give their children the best of everything. At each point for some need of ours they have sacrificed a wish of theirs for one of ours. Its their day. My parents were excited from day one, a month ago when the dates were fixed. I shared their enthusiasm for my baby brother was really growing up and had solely on his merits got a great score at AIEEE and now was passing out as an Electronics engineer from one of the best institutions in India, NIT. We also decided on the gift options to buy for him etc. On the other hand my brother took it as just another day and continued working on his robotic systems in his lab. My mother started making all the food he loves that we could carry for him like chevdo, chakli, laddoos, theplas etc. this is a common symptom for the gujju's, the love comes out in the form of food. 

We packed, boarded a train and reached Nagpur a day before. It was a pleasant change for me, a relatively less busy city then Delhi. For my parents the surroundings didn't matter what mattered was their son. So they directly reached the hostel despite my numerous attempts to drive them to the hotel first, but they just won’t wait. And then the obvious happened. Their initial joy over powered by the impact of my brothers look. Long hair, un-shaved for ages, etc. My dad just started lecturing him and he ignored. A lecture never helps a young mind. I on the other hand took his side explaining he would be fine by tomorrow; it was just over working on his robotics project. They convinced themselves for their own sake than his. 

I decided to stay on campus that night for a mission was to be accomplished. We got his hair cut but he was just so adamant on his cool look that he kept this stubble. My dad was so not going to like it for just a few hair remaining. I felt the mission was still unaccomplished. So I went to the on campus store and got a Gillette shaving razor and got it gift wrapped. Before we parted that night after all the food and dance as the entire campus celebrated their achievement into finally conquering the degree, I gave him that gift.

His version of the story is he went to the room and was excited. He opened the gift thinking it might be an iPhone which he so much wanted but was disappointed to see only a razor. Disappointed he slept. Next day was an early morning show and so he got up at the first stroke of sunlight and his eyes fell on the same razor that made him sad last night, the emotion crept over him once again.

He began thinking why would his sister who always gave him what he cherished most give him this. Well the thinking did lead into action for when we saw him after ages my father’s dream of a son was walking towards us. He was neat, clean shaved and well dressed. The sister in me feels he looked the smartest engineer that day. When he got his degree my parents literally stood up and couldn’t wait to hug him. We planned a city tour with other families of his close friends that day, had lavish lunch and dinner and after a long time everyone including my dad was praising him. We left early for my parents had to rest well for we were to leave the next day. As a parting gift I gave him another packet to which he reacted as “You already gave me the best gift yesterday.” 

He reached his room and opened it, It was an iPhone 5s, the latest one then. He was so excited and started jumping in his room while calling me. Every year since then whenever he is home, he is clean shaved. Thanks to Gillette for the golden memories.

If you have a little brother and similar problems (I am sure you do) then try gifting them a Gillette, the shaving experience and the final look can get them addicted. It worked for me!

'This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette'.

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