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Sunday, February 1, 2015

No Fikar Shop with Quikr

Women love to shop and unmistakably I am one of them. Online shopping has its own merits and so the busy 21st century living forms are now online to do even that.  Quikr a new platform in this arena helps you buy and sell your products online. The best part is they have an equally efficient and well designed mobile app that helps you shop, chat and sell with the comfort of a device as small as your mobile phone. There are a lot of reasons you should use it especially because you can chat before you buy and sell. Thinking about it? Well check out why I find it the coolest one:

1.  Saves Time:  You would ask me how is chatting better? Since you have to type it out. But think about this, a situation especially with 12-14 work hours of your ambitious early life when you also have to get done with shopping that most important commodity you direly need, you will have to do it in between assignments. There is no other choice? Haven’t you faced it a lot of times? Your family cursing or even you yourself for you didn't just have the time to get the simplest screen guard for your phone. Trust me mine is lying with me for two months and I haven’t had the time to go and get it put on my phone. This is you sometimes too isn't it.

Now think about selling, when you wish to sell your old mobile phone, will you have all the time in the world just for that? Certainly not and that’s just lying with you. So now you placed it on a website where you can sell and people keep calling you at all odd hours, disturbing every significant aspect of your life not just work. You are working, there is a query. You are in a meeting, you would miss that call. You are with your boyfriend watching a movie, you have to miss many calls.

When you say why chat, I say why not? The only way to manage time is to multitask and if that is possible with me chatting occasionally with a potential buyer or a seller in between assignments it just makes me relax a little. I am anyways on my laptop, so two things at one time. Meanwhile as you can choose when to reply, you can shut it off when you do important work and carry on when you are doing something less important like downloading a movie :P.

2.   Saves Money: Now think about all the phone calls that you will have to return because you missed them when you were doing something important. It will cost you time and a lot of it (trust me I tried doing it) but it will cost you money. Now if I spend 5000 RS in calling people back when I have to sell a phone where I may settle for even lesser than that amount, what do you think is wise?

3.   The Chat is Saved:
While dealing a lot of times it happens that what you thought initially wasn't that good, might become your only great existing offer and you want to take it. It’s difficult to do so when you have turned someone down on the phone. Also people forget, you make hundred phone calls, you might not even have saved his number, thinking it wasn't working out anyways but as opposed to that a chat is great, its saved

But here you can always get back to the original conversation, refresh your memory and when you ping again you don't have to update the person on the Ramayana again, he just has to scroll up the chat and begin from there on.  The same applies if the other party needs to renegotiate the terms.

Well save efforts and time isn't it?

So next time you think of shopping, buying or selling without wasting too much time, get quicker with Quikr ;)

You can check the site here:

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