Friday, February 27, 2015

Why O life...why?

Each day it thinks of a new scheme,
A plot it never played ever before;
I am not sure If it does so with everybody,
When I look around I feel I must be extraordinary,
For there are smiles around,
But I think of the moment I last smiled,
Not the one that you stick on the face to appear normal
But the one that starts from the heart and ends in the eyes;
It seems like once upon a time tale,
And I ponder...why is life testing me so much?
What have I done to it to make it put a challenge on every road I turn to,
Why is my path not relatively smooth?
I don't mind challenges, I have been a fighter,
I am neither cribbing or crying,
I am just a spectator of way things work,
Why is there always a challenge, one more difficult than the last
Why is there no reward somewhere
Why is there no time where one can sit back and enjoy the fruits of ones hard work, the victory...afterall
I continue to beat life and I continue to ponder,
If it wants to be my enemy or just a strict teacher.

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