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Sunday, March 22, 2015

#Happiness To Me Is...

#Happiness is in essence the feeling we wish to achieve and we work only to have it. However it can be like a ruthless lover leaving you deserted or be a soul mate that lies in your heart and reflected on your lips for eternity. Here are a list of triggers that rekindle my affair with #happiness for me each time we meet:

1. Books:  As you can see this blog is all about books and therefore needless to explain that I love them. I love collecting them and my hostel room is full of them. I am surrounded by them and even on my bed at anytime you will find four of them, lingering, sleeping, relaxing and being read. A hardbound copy, an encyclopedia, banned books and most of all the first print or limited collections of books are the ones that make me happy the moment I see them.

2. Meeting Your Favorite Person:  People inspire and motivate. It’s a very different experience to see your idols right in front of your eyes and share the microcosm with them. The best part is the rare opportunity of asking them questions and getting to interact with them. After moving to Delhi, I have had the pleasure of meeting Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan (my love), Aamir Khan and Steve Waugh, courtesy blogging. While Steve Waugh thought I asked the best question at the cricket conclave and was happy to pose with me for a photogenic shot. Shahrukh Khan enjoyed answering me for about 2 and half minutes, which I have watched again and again since that day for more than hours now. I have also had a great fortune to meet my favourite writers in this city face to face and again interact with them. This ofcourse is the crazy book lover in me talking. I have had a chance to meet in person my most favorite writers like Dan Brown and just yesterday Gulzar Sahab. I also got a chance to get a signed copy from him and am on cloud nine since then. I can’t think of anything but him.

3. Writing:  The day I can write well for me is a happy day. Since I love the written word and critique writers, I am the same may be harsher with my own self. So if I write something that out beats my own expectations make a happy day for me.

4. Children:  I love playing with children and spoiling them. As we grow old they say we grow wiser, however it comes with a great price. Wisdom is nothing but loss of innocence and I better have the later and the former around me. I therefore like surrounding myself with children whose only expectation from you is that you spend time playing with them. Their selfless demands, inquisitive questions and the innocent gestures can take me out of all kinds of stress and depression.

5. Spending Time with Nature:  Inner peace is rare in concrete jungles. All they give you is a bucket full of stress. So what I love doing is just shutting off from the world into nature. Luckily I live and work on a research institute campus, so its lush green canvas with array of colors right in front of my eyes as soon as I step out of the concrete jungle. I also visited Kashmir last year and the beauty of it all is what I think of, disappear into what I imbibed within me in those days. 

6. A Bottle Of Coke:   Happiness to me on a working day is a chilled bottle of Coke. I always have them in my freezer, chilled to kill the stress. On days when my stock ends I am sad and love those friends who present me with one when I just don't have the time. Those who know me always gift me a Coke...a diet Coke to be precise. To know more about coke log on to :

Watch this video and fall in love with "Coke" my favourite drink...

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