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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mom Knows It All...

A mother is the best friend one can have. I am lucky to have a cool one with whom I can share all my secrets. Be it your first rank in school, a competition you won or even when you said something wrong to someone and later felt bad, the person you want to first convey it to is your mother.

Once it so happened that I hit my friend. It was not planned. I just did it. She did something wrong I got angry and I did it. For how could I tolerate anyone teasing my little brother. I wasn't shocked when she was doing that. That emotion never came at first only the one of a sister did. And so I gave her what she deserved, one slap across that cheek, a reminder to never do that again. I did not regret it, I said when my mother came to know about it. She scolded me badly and made me say sorry to my friend. I wasn't sorry yet I said it for my mother thought that was the right thing to do. I hated all the elders at that moment and their sense of justice, for in my opinion I was right. I was sad and my mother knew it, she just told me one thing "let your brother fight his battles, you wont be there always" and I realized that she was right of course. Today we all live in different cities and everyone has to fight it on their own for their survival, I am glad my brother can handle it on his own, credit goes to mother of course.

First crush is something secretive. Something you don't even tell the person you have it on. Unless they can read it in your eyes, or the way you cant take your eyes off them. Contrary to many of my girlfriends who would giggle amongst themselves, I went to my mom and said "I like this guy, do you think he is good?". She was surprised at first for sure for I was only 14 then, but then it is the time when it all starts and my mother told me just see if you feel so for a very long time. She was right, it was only a crush after all and after a few days when I saw that the guy I liked for his looks and intelligence mock a poor child, just because he had a hole in sock, just because unlike this guy, his father didn't have a lot of money I lost all my respect for him. I lost it in a moment, the crush, instead all I wanted was to crush him! I did walk up to him and said "its not your money, what you dance on".  There were a lot of issues I created for myself then, I had practically called for trouble but since then I always follow my expert mom's advise "See if you feel so for a long time". Moms are always right.

Recently I thought it was time to get stylish and I decided to streak my hair. I was always a studious person and every part of my personality, even my clothes depicted that. Now I needed to experiment with myself and get a cool look. Since my dad is really old school I had no other option but to get my mom on my side. So I asked mom and she refused too. I sulked and mom felt bad, for its rare I asked for things. But we were conservative and then just two days before my mom came to me and literally dragged me with her. She to my surprise took me to the salon, took out these beauties , the color sachets of Godrej Creme Hair Color. She had to my surprise all the colors. I hugged her before choosing the burgundy, a shade I love and that was how my mom let me do it with the only brand she trusts, Godrej. You can also check out a whole range of their colors available in all shades at Choose your favorite and leave the rest as it is a brand mom trusts.

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