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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Shake It Baby #MyAirtelApp

#MyAirtelApp the first thing that I uploaded when I bought my new smartphone. A smartphone is a gift to humanity. You can have everything you need at your finger tips. The best part if you can do a little coding is that you can design apps for your own utility yourself! imagine how amazing that is? Isn't it. Not just your calls but you can email, send pictures, do skyping and best of all when asked a question or in doubt, just google it. 

However all of this isn't possible without the one thing that is central to a good mobile phone facility, and that is a good service provider which ensures you are always in network. Being tired of bad services from other providers I decided to go for Airtel. Its network was good and my phone was immediately activated. At the store they gave me one important instruction "please download the app, it will help you a lot" and so as soon as my world opened to the sea of immense possibilities with a smart phone, I downloaded first my #MyAirtelApp. 

My original motto behind downloading the app was to have basic utilities like, a quick recharge and a tab on my internet data and balance usage. However what it provided was even more. Here is why you should subscribe to an Airtel internet connection and download the app first.

1.     It works just on a shake and gives you offers of the day: Unlike the disturbing sms notifications that keep coming and disturbing all the time from other service providers Airtel gives you offers when you need. You are coming to an end of your balance, just shake the app. You will see offer of the day, the best plans that suit you and this well just help you decide what is the best offer for you, not in seconds but in mili-seconds. Shake it when you need it! And even if you shake it for fun, you might just grab what’s hot that day. You might just find yourself getting free data someday or a full talk time recharge. Are you still thinking?

2.     Keeps You Up Before Its too Late:  The most common mistake we make is procrastination. Never recharging your phone before the last “click” and you realize your balance has ended. With the App one gets notifications about data usage and balance regularly. One also doesn’t have to remember the USSD codes to check balance each time. All of that can happen just with the app.

3.     Keep All Your Family Contacts At One Place: You can add your family contacts to your account, recharge for different numbers and for all the frequent numbers that you regularly recharge for you have an express check out. This saves a lot of time compared to searching the contact each time and then doing their recharge online.

 So what are you waiting for?? Go to, know all about the app, various benefits, download the app, save your time and money and hey, shake that thing! You can also watch this video and decide:

1 comment:

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