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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Book Review: Voice Mates by Anamika Mishra

Title:  Voice Mates
Author:  Anamika Mishra
Publisher: Jaico Publishing Group
Date:  2015
Price: Rs.175
Pages: 181

As this very striking cover suggests, Voice Mates is a story about dreams of two individuals to make it as singing sensations. The story is built up step by step beautifully into the life of each character. Tulip, a beautiful yet simple girl, from a millionaire family has just one dream to make it big in the world of music. Her parents disapproval of the same clearly portrayed in the very first shot as she cheers for the winners she voted for, in a reality singing competition, "Voice Mates". She is forced to follow a dream which is not hers but harbored by parents across the Indian society of an admission into an engineering degree in a reputed college. While her heart lies in music and her sole companion is her ipod.

Living a completely inverse life to hers is Sam, a boy who has to make it on his own as he has done for everything in his life on his own, as he is an orphan. Like a melody mixes with the air and makes it sweet, their voices meet as Tulip tries singing a song for her only audience street kids, by the shore in Goa and struggles with lyrics. Sam doesn't just fill in this void but many like realizing her dream to participate in Voice Mate, the very competition she dreams about but had no mate or the strength to oppose her parents.

As their journey goes from participating in the fest, Tulip grows as a person understanding and fighting her fears, learning from Sam whose life had struggles, she couldn't imagine. They practice as singers but Tulip grows as a person. With Sam she tries understanding her present, her dreams, her fighting parents and their relationships.

Sam on the other hand is more confident and clear about being in the competition more for money, and end his life working at the local bar. They are in luck as the next season is to be held in Goa. Will they win it? Well that is the least of your interest's once you read this story.

The amazing chemistry between the two leads built by the author just makes you want for more to happen. There are of course other angles flirting and interested in the lead characters that add spice to the story. Most of all it is a melodious book, and I say this as each page is infused with a beautiful song, the careful selection of each amalgamating with the plot is what makes this blend perfect. As the reader reads the first two pages, he/she has some expectations, some favourite they start humming and its ecstatic as the writer catches those vibes and you come across the very songs you wanted, be it English or Hindi. the drama, the infusion and the story presents a concoction you are sure to savour. 

Having said so much, the story still is simple. The sub plots too are straightforward and not much is exploited though the backdrop is a reality show. Thus what we have a simple and sweet story, more centered towards the life of lead protagonists only.  Overall the book makes a pleasant, light read. 3.5 stars on 5.

About The Author: Anamika Mishra is an Indian author and blogger. Her debut novel Too Hard to Handle was an instant hit. She is also a motivational speaker and has given guest lectures in reputed organizations and institutions. She has a degree in BCA followed by MJMC from Amity University.  

You can follow Anamika on (, (, Twitter (@anamikawrites) or Email her at

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