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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Trouble Has A New Name by Adite Banerjie

Title:  Trouble Has A New Name
Author:  Adite Banerjie
Genre: Romance
Publisher: Mills & Boon Series; Harlequin India
Date:  2014
Price: Rs.150
Pages: 145

The cool cover-page visually attracts you and at the same time tells you a lot about the natural backdrop the story is set in, Andaman island, which post reading the whole story couldn't be any place else. The story however begins with Rayna, a single, model in the city of big dreams, Mumbai, gets dumped by her boyfriend. She drinks too much and passes out, only to be late next day for the celebratory week of her best friend's wedding. The timing is wrong and so is her state of mind, which is clearly depicted, cleverly by the author in crafting her every move, confused, as she gets her bearing before reaching the wedding. The emotional pressure is double as she was almost going to commit to her now ex- boyfriend and had sort of told her friend about the same. Friends, not so dear friends and some relatives are all there only to make gossip headlines. If that wasn't enough being in the fashion industry, she is a known face and the journalists whose film magazines survive for such feisty gossip are on a close watch. 

Call it a boon or a curse, she runs into Neel, the owner of the resort on Andaman Islands where the wedding is scheduled. They collide time and again, first as enemies, only to acknowledge slowly their attraction towards one another. To get away from every trouble, Rayna asks him to pretend to be her fiance for a few weeks. What goes on next is a mix of confusion, love and chemistry that keeps the reader engaged. The author brilliantly exploits every possible variable to provide a twist in the story. Rayna's ex showing up with an item girl, gossip-monger aunts and a desperate attempt to make the lie believable, add more spice to the already hot dish, making you thoroughly enjoy each page.

The chemistry between Neel and Rayna is brewed each time only enough for the reader to ask for more, which is the most successful ingredient of any romance novel. Emotions are not far as the author reveals slowly the demons of each ones past, which makes the plot stronger and the reader going. However having said that, the only missing ingredient is the abrupt halt in the story where the reader wanted more, or may be the die-hard Indian romantic reader would have preferred.

All in all the story could make me, a reader not too fond of Mills & Boon series want more from Adite Banerjie's pen. Hence this is a book that is sure to change your opinion about Indian romance writers. Definitely a worthy, light, romantic and delightful read. 3.5 stars on 5.

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