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Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Paradox Of Vantage Point by Indrani Singha Majumdar

Title: The Paradox Of Vantage Point
Author: Indrani Singha Majumdar
Publisher: Educreation Publishing
Genre: Fiction
Date:  2015
Price: Rs.199
Pages: 160

We all have a rebel within us, we are taught to fight the wrong, as through history humans have been wronged by another group of humans. The major cause of misery for a smaller group of humans often called “outliers” in better words than the ones used by what constitutes a larger group that humans, who tend to collectively form another dominant group (of people of the same customs, sex, gender, creed, religion or worst of all opinion) popularly known as "society". We raise our voices, write furiously and even return our greatest awards, the ones that signify our lives work and worth for we believe in something. But believing is a small minute step, living and facing a very different story. This is the precise point that the writer Indrani Singha Majumdar makes in her debut novel “The Paradox of Vantage Point”. She does this in a seemingly simple soul searching journey of a journalist who wishes to become a writer. As she begins working on her book during a sabbatical, she finds her own nature, her own beliefs in people and the very creative process of her writing being challenged, as if there is a need for her to evolve to reach her destination of writing better.

Her first interaction is with her pre-conceived notion that a eunuch who peacefully existed as her neighbor before, as she never paid attention when working was now a nuisance. She files a complaint with the building managers to get him out, tagging him as “not fit for their locality.” The eunuch Raghubir Kishor, the real ‘hero” of the story, having faced worse in life, confronts her directly on the subject matter. Being impulsive, yet a good human being at the base she realizes her mistake but then it’s too late. He is been thrown out from his home already, it been given to another person. Raghubir Kishor who doesn’t believe in giving up gives the guilt in Anwesha no choice but to keep him in her apartment till he finds one.

Anwesha’s highly sought sabbatical is jeopardized by another person’s company. She knows and has written and spoken all about gender equality but can she accept him in society as a room-mate? Can she accept his presence in front of his friends and family? Will things between them improve? Or beliefs and rights exist on paper and sometimes even we don’t know that deep within we are prejudiced. Join Anwesha in this soul searching journey as she finds herself, her pre-existing notions, her passion and her life figured out, finally to know if she does complete her dream and write her story?

The story moves very slowly in the beginning but catches up pace really well in second half where it is spiced with travel and soul searching. The writer’s journey then looks real to the reader and one nearly experiences her dilemma, thought process and sentiments. The book however makes abrupt transitions from one chapter to another, which should have ideally been much smoother. This 160 page story which does manage to put forth its point could be more entertaining if the very backdrop in which it is set was used to create more situations of conflict, friendship, confrontations and soul searching. At some points the author has introduced some characters, landscapes abruptly who could have been exploited in a much stronger manner. However since the writer has chosen such tough characters and a unique, difficult to put forth idea and managed to present her point substantially; I believe she would exploit every factor of the story better in her writings to come. 


  1. Thank you Nimi for an honest review for The Paradox of Vantage Point :-)