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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Educate Your Daughter Series: Part 2: The Lost Classroom

It was to be my wedding day,
like every girl I had dreamt of it,
a person to share thoughts love and life,
I donot say it was something I didnt know was coming,
it however came sooner than I thought,
I was just out of school and missed the classroom, the blackboard and even exams;
but I trusted my parents had thought the best for I was also their child.
As I sat before the holy fire that was lit to purify the bond,
the mantras being chanted to ward of all ill and slowly build relationships of love,
though it was the only the two of us who sat there to be united as one,
in a few moments many relationships were to be formed,
I was going to be a part of a another family now,
a part of my name to be changed, a part of my identity,
I raised my eyelids where the dreams lay, to see him,
he looked at his father instead who nodded a "no",
he got up on the next cue and they left,
without looking at me even once,
my father with his turban in his hands kept requesting, begging and pleading,
they didnt care for him, his respect, his emotions;
it seemed the holy chant of mantras, the holy fire and invocation to Gods was not all,
these bondages for the next seven lives were sealed by
paper notes printed by man,
I was not sure who was wrong?
my father for cutting my wings or the man who had wronged him,
neither had thought about me afterall,
I sat there longing for the lost classroom, my notebook and pen....

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