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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Book Review: The Ribbon Trap by Shine Syamaladevi

Title: The Ribbon Trap
Author: Shine Syamaladevi
Publisher: Lifi Publication
Genre: Fiction
Date:  2016
Price: Rs.295
Pages: 271

The ribbon trap on its surface looks like a story of a normal young lad Krishnaprem in love with a girl at school. However, what begins with childhood infatuation turns into very strong love. The prologue on the lines of the books title lays the theme of it not being one simple love story. The writer begins the book with a sub- plot that sets a very high expectation from the story ahead, despite the writing being mediocre, however he isn't completely able to justify and encash on this subplot with things ending rather randomly.

The story at this stage is still interesting enough to keeping the confused reader hooked, moves on different tracks from intense love to a mystery with the hint of the thriller. The beginning and the end of the book is where the story is at its strongest, the writer in between tried to serve too many flavors in one dish and failed miserably.

The flavor still enjoyable but could have been a great story if the sub plots that started brilliantly were done justice to, the writing style was tedious to say the least. Also the spelling mistakes were persistent. It speaks a lot of the quality of editing where I am confident not much efforts were made to improvise upon a manuscript that had very good potential. I blame the editor more than the writer. This sort of a book coming from Lifi publication is a huge shock. Did their editor leave the job?

Thus the ribbon trap is a good story if you consider only the overall plot keeping the shortcomings in writing aside for a minute. This book falls into the median of a large number of books by Indian writers where the story is very strong but could have been much better with grilling improvements from the publishing house or the agent. The writer certainly has better potential considering the good plots he can weave, provided if the learning curve of improving upon the writing style gains amplitude and stressing again with a better set of supporting editorial team. 

Rating : 2 stars on 5. 

About The Author: Shine Syamaladevi was born in a small village in Kerala. An avid reader and daydreamer since childhood, he believes passionate dreams really come true. The journeys around the nation on various official appointments added fuel to his passion, eventually resulting in his first book.


  1. Editing is often weak with Indian books. I have started ignoring the editing part... only when it becomes very irritating, I mention how I was bothered with the editing.
    Don't you think Indian romance novels are more about good and exciting blurbs and then disappointing the reader in the end? It has happened with too often.
    Was there something new in this book?

    1. Hi Ms. Booktuber, the book doesn't fall in Romance genre. And there some new things, which you have never heard of, certainly. Of course, there are editing issues. Still, my baby is beautiful (obviously, I would say that, it's MY baby after all) :)

      The review rating is based fully upon the reviewers perception and understanding. There are reviews which gave this book 4+ rating (you may check The Tales Pensieve's review for ex:-).

      You may try the book once.

    2. Hello Mr. Author,
      As I am a reader of this blog, I truly agree by Nimi's opinions. Her words are enough for me to make the decision.

      Also, if the book isn't of romance genre, what made it so necessary to clear out in the prologue that "It's not just a SIMPLE love story"?

    3. Hi,
      Thank you for reading the review. I think a book is a joint product of the writer and the publishing house. So its negatives ultimately reflect upon the publisher. I would say if you can ignore the editing part you can go ahead and read this book. As for me working with great editors who are precise to the point in selecting and modifying a book to the way it can be presented best, I have difficulties in accepting anything that had a lot of scope. This story does have interesting subplots which I would have loved if the author developed further. I can see the writers imagination to be really good but in writing a perfect presentation can only do justice. If the book came to me before publication I would have suggested these changes and may be they can be worked upon if the writer prints the next edition and for his next set of books ofcourse. Nobody is perfect but a publishing team is.

      As far as Indian books go, I think now very good writers are coming up from the nation with amazing , unique writing styles and I am sure we are going to soon be in the Tagore era of being recognized for the same.

  2. Sorry Ms. Booktuber, feel I have offended you. Apologies for that. The sentence you quoted "It's not a SIMPLE love story" is not from this book. Perhaps, you have read it somewhere else.

    Of course there is love, but it's not a love story at all.

    1. No need to apologize. We all are just expressing our opinions. :)
      Then what genre does it belong to?

    2. A Romantic-Thriller, maybe.