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Friday, April 1, 2016

The first Tweeter of #Tweet your books cover - Shuchi Singh Kalra Author of I Am Big So What!?

A couple of days ago we started this activity on twitter for writers to #tweet their books cover with #TweetYourBooksCover. For those who know how much I love aesthetic book covers this is no news. The activity went well and keeping up with the promise to retweet the best book covers and to write the story behind the creation of the best amongst the best, here we are with the first feature of the book "I am Big so What!?" by Shuchi Singh Kalra. We thank her for her enthusiastic participation as hers was not only the first book we likes but luckily for us her cover was the first response too, and what a great one to begin with, don't you think?

Author: Shuchi Singh Kalra
Cover design: Sunil Kumar
Editor: Surina Jain

So coming to the book I’m Big, So What!?  which interested us both by the title and cover we decided to get into the creation of the cover that reflects what the book is all about with the author Shuchi. Here is what she has to say about it....

"I’m Big, So What!? is a romantic comedy and the story of Roli, a young woman who is plus-sized and proud of it.

The creative design team at Fingerprint publishers works with the editor and the author to come up with the appropriate cover for the book. I am Big. So What!? was definitely not an easy one to design. Not so much for the actual design, but finding the perfect images – something that would make the cover attractive as well as capture the essence of the protagonist.

Roli’s weight does not affect how she perceives herself. She is confident and we wanted the title font and size to convey that message. The big/bold title font is used to convey the strong message - So What! 

She is smart, spunky and stylish, an attitude which is amply reflected in the body language of the model on the cover.

Pink and green have been used in the background, and the colours are a combination of soft and bold representing all aspects of a woman. The little motifs represent the femininity in Roli’s spirit, even though she is strong and at times, even tempestuous.
Through Roli, the reader gets to explore the social and emotional hurdles that a plus-sized person goes through on a day-to-day basis – some of these can be humorous, while some can be downright heartbreaking. As a protagonist and narrator, Roli is highly relatable and “real”. Even though she does not meet the society’s standard of what is defined as beautiful, she is not shaky or insecure. That is not to say that she doesn’t have her moments to self-doubt, but the way tides over them and holds her own ground is what makes her remarkable."

In recent times where Indian cinema and television has hardly evolved as we still have our heroines draped in sarees doubling as the house maid as opposed to confident and career oriented women characters who hold center stage in the west; it is a huge relief that writers such as Shuchi are breaking the norm with representing what a woman truly is, which is not just her body. They say a pen creates history and to contribute to this era where women are trying hard to regain their right as in equal by all means, writers its your turn to create a reality out of fiction by creating realistic characters. Are you willing to take up the challenge?

Thank you Shuchi once again and we look forward to more from your desk. 

You can also tweet your books cover to @readers_cosmos with #TweetYourBooksCover to be a part of this fun-filled activity and get featured if we like it. Till then...Happy Writing.

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