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Monday, August 8, 2016

Announcement: Grow With The Readers Cosmos- A chance to enter our Bloggers Team!

Dear Bloggers,

The Readers Cosmos completes 4 years on the 18th of this August and we express our gratitude to all The Readers Cosmos Book Review Program. It is because of the collective team effort that the writers have benefited from honest reviews. On this occasion therefore, continuing our collective efforts in cumulative growth of everyone associated with us, we now will reward each blogger associated with us. India still remains a country where fewer people love reading. To encourage them we will now be actively doing events. We also invite you to join us and engage on each and every platform and inspire more people to read:

The Readers Cosmos Reading Club
Instagram Handle : NimiVashi (founder, personal)

To be a part of our Book Review Program please fill the form but before you do that here are some regulations that you will have to follow, breaking which we will not be able to continue this association as we work very hard and invest on sending you book copies and we cannot afford negligence. If you have any questions please email

***Terms And Conditions:
1. All the bloggers interested to join will display our badge on their blog.

2. The timeline of the reviews/interviews to be done will be strictly followed as declared when the book information is shared. (mostly the timeline is 2-3 weeks from books receipt).

3. The reviews will be honest only and detailed. Semi-undetailed reviews will not be considered.

4. Generic interviews lacking specificity will not be considered.

If all of this is agreeable to you please fill the form in the link below:

Thank you & Happy Reading
-Nimi Vashi
Founder & Editor
The Readers Cosmos

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