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Friday, August 19, 2016

Author Interview: Bhaavna Arora

I love outliers who over comfort choose to use the power of their pen to challenge everything that is wrong with the society. When Bhaavna Arora's new book tried to answer the burning question of sexuality, I was intrigued beyond measure to understand the person and the inspiration behind choosing a challenging and controversial topic. So I decided to hear it from the lady herself and have compiled here the conversation that took place. 

Q. Describe your journey into writing.
A: I always wanted to write but didn't know when. The safest thing to do at that point of time was to accumulate degrees. It goes without saying that I loved studying and was a good academic record holder. I worked as an Assistant Professor and later Director of a B School before I got into full time writing. One of those days I just quit everything to follow my passion for writing.

Q. What does writing mean to you?
It's like breathing, living and loving.

Q. Tell us a little bit about your current book and how is it similar and different from your previous books?
All my books are different from each other. Very different. I can't be generalized or categorized as an author. I love writing on different genres. Versatility is in my blood. Where The Deliberate Sinner talked about women orgasms and sexual satisfaction, Mistress of Honour dealt with intense love where an unwed mother wants to give birth to a child in a Defence backdrop. Love Bi The Way deals with choices of loving without any barriers. It's a romantic-comedy.

Q. Why did you decide to write on “bisexuality?”
I personally feel that love is one thing that should be allowed to exist freely without any barriers like religion, caste, nationalities, color or even sex. Freedom of choice is very important for the existence of a being whose existence depends on love. Let's not cease that existence 377 times.

Q. How did the characters and the story of take form?
The protagonist of my books is always Rihana who is a strong, independent and talented girl. In all my books she constantly keeps challenging the stereotypes just like me. The other characters just shaped up around her.

Q. What was the most challenging part of writing this one?
To be honest, Love Bi The Way has been a self discovery. While interviewing many bisexual and lesbian women I came to know about the societal challenges they face and I also discovered that I'm so bloody straight. Hahaha! Writing of a love-making scene between two women was the most challenging part of writing the book.

Q. Have you ever experienced a writer’s block or difficulty in writing a plot or a character or an inevitable end? How did you overcome it?
It’s common to face a writer’s block during the process of writing. Making a routine out of writing is one way of how I face such a block. But then again, when there is question you can't answer, have wine!

Q. Are you a methodical or a moody writer?
I'm both. Sometimes when I catch the momentum, I don't stop even if I'm not in a mood and there are times where it takes months for inspiration to strike and get in a mood.

Q. Are you a full time writer? If not, how do you manage your day job and writing?
Yes! I'm a full time writer. Some things I do in my free time are riding bikes, horses, driving my sports car and occasionally training students and professionals on Leadership.

Q. Your favorite writers?
Paulo Cohelo & Sidney Sheldon. I have grown up reading them.

Q. Your favourite books?
Eleven Minutes & Veronica Decides To Die.

Q. Your favourite lines from a book of all times?
It's actually from my own book, Mistress of Honour, "Love flows naturally in a human; Lust only makes it profane."

Q. How do you describe yourself as a person?
I'm quite versatile. I'm very adaptable too, since intelligence is not about having a big IQ but about how easily you can adapt to different situations. I have varied interests like swimming, playing sports, horse riding, and car racing. Given the society standards, sometimes I think I'm a man in a woman's body. Haha!

Q. Your hobbies include?
All mentioned above along with sleeping and eating. I also cook occasionally.

Q. Your idea of leisure is?
Anything that gives you relaxation. For me it would be exercising, writing, playing with my dogs or just sleeping. I also quite enjoy travelling.

Q. What do you do when you are sad?
I talk and if I don't have anyone to talk to, I write or read or watch a good movie.

Q. Your favorite place on earth?
Wherever I can find like-minded people for a good conversation. I'm sucker for a good conversation.

Q. One thing you would like to change about yourself.
My eating habits. I constantly work on them but I love eating junk food and that makes me put on weight. I love eating JUNK.

Q. Wise advice for budding writers…
Believe in your story because if you don't no one else will.

Q. A few words for The Readers Cosmos
I think you guys are doing a great job putting forth some high quality writing. Keep it up! May you grow leaps and bounds!

NV: Thank You Bhaavna for your time and answering each question in detail. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.
Bhaavna: My pleasure.


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