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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Book Review: Breath Go Away and Other Stories by Sriman Narayanan

Title: Breath Go Away and Other Stories
Author: Sriman Narayanan
Publisher: Rupa Publications

Genre: Fiction (short stories)

Date:  2015

Price: INR 162 (paperback)/free on Kindle Unlimited

Pages: 152

This book is a collection of mostly short stories and some not so short stories ( in the strictest sense). The genre though may seem like love or loss from a title like "Breath Go Away" but that is just the first story. The rest of the book is majorly based on the same theme but has sprinkles of variety of emotions and a little seasoning of philosophy. Each story has a different theme and they broadly speak about human emotions. The book begins with a story from which the book derives its title, that many can relate to. It pierce's through your heart for you totally feel you are the central character and the author captures a reader really well there. Tears in Bathroom talks about some everyday common emotions which we all face and yet they remain unwritten. My favorite story is the one around little children and their growing emotions called Priceless Conversations. The rest of the stories are around finding the one soul mate and accidents during the course. 

The writer has chosen simple stories to write about mostly emanating from experiences of his own or people around him. Some stories are hard, some realistic, some mundane and some beautiful in their simplicity. He has also fused story with poetry at many places. The writing is simple and well suited for an Indian audience. The stories being more closer to regular life seem usual and a novelty factor is lacking which is very critical to any story, no matter the length. Where the novelty factor appears its essence is bland. Overall in a story where one takes the creativity on the path to fusion of prose and poetry a great quality is expected, something that the book doesn't really meet. 

The stories on their own make up for a simple light read like when travelling. Overall a good debut attempt with a lot of scope for improvement to be the best. Hoping for that in the writer's next books.

Rating: 2.5/5 

About the author: Sriman Narayanan works for a leading credit-card-issuing company in a senior leadership position in credit risk management. He has primarily worked in the financial services industry throughout his long career-at HSBC (USA), GE Capital (India) and Standard Chartered Bank (India).

He writes about anything that tugs at his heart, mostly about life, love and relationships. His writings have a philosophical tinge.He lives at Bentonville, Arkansas with his wife and son.
You can write to him at to get to know him better, or share your thoughts on this book.

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