Sunday, October 2, 2016

Jon Snow....Inspired from GameOfThrones

A little boy knows nothing about his parentage.
He knows nothing about his mother.
He knows not the meaning of being a "bastard", he is forced to understand it.
He is never loved like his half brothers/sisters.
He knows nothing about love.
He sits in a corner as the royal family celebrates, alone.
He knows nothing about togetherness.
He knows nothing about the wall,yet he takes cloak of honour.
He knows enough only to not hurt a woman, and the woman he loves only re-iterates "you know nothing."
He knows nothing about the dangers beyond the wall, yet he fights them.
He knows nothing about deceit, he is killed.
Yet he comes back, stands by a sister who never treated him well and takes back the north!
Today the very child away from the table is by consensus  on the very table a man the north kneels before.
He is the white wolf , the King in the North- Jon Snow.
And that's inspiring....

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