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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Kangana Ranaut Lanches Chetan Bhagat's Latest Book "One Indian Girl" at Crossword Bookstores in Mumbai

Chetan Bhagat, the author of six blockbuster hits; Five Point Someone, One Night at The Call Centre, Three Mistakes of My Life, Revolution 2020, 2 States and Half Girlfriend, is all gung ho about his latest book, an attempt to write about the modern Indian girl is his book "One Indian Girl". Written completely from a woman’s perspective, this book is a fresh attempt on the complex concept of feminism. 

                    Kangana Ranaut Launches Chetan Bhagat's - One India Girl

The book was launched by none other than the icon of female equality, actress Kangana Ranaut,  on October 1 at Crossword Bookstores, Oberoi mall in Mumbai. She has been an appropriate choice since she is an icon for women of today being known to demand equal pay as her male co-stars, rejecting fairness advertisement worth crores and above all handling with elegance ex-boyfriends who have only spoken bad about her. Topping it all, she does it gracefully. She spoke in general about being old school and preferring physical books over an e-copy. 

            Selfie time! Chetan Bhagat and Kangana Ranaut

The book has a strong female lead that has certainly not gone well with a couple of male critics and understandably so. Talking about the way an Indian woman is perceived and treated has not changed much despite her proving herself as an equal and sometimes even more. On the lines of equality and commenting upon the independent female lead of the book Kangana spoke in detail "This is a very sensitive topic. Any working women will relate to it. When I was dating men more successful than me, I felt that I was devalued, I felt like I was not given my due as a woman as a partner, was not acknowledged, and men behaved borderline indifferent. So that gave me more motivation to do well. Just like how it works for men, you know like you know a certain woman and you want to be worthy of her, for whatever reason, for a better companion, stable future. Then you do well for yourself, not just for your partner to move ahead and successful in life. So we have the same reasons as men do. So usually it works for a man, but in a woman it works the other way. My success has always gone against me.

                       Kangana talks about being the successful Indian girl and more...

Here is an analogy, my analogies are usually little weird. But I think when I was not successful, men behaved more like a hard to please father figure but when I become successful, they become like an evil jealous sibling. Everything was about competing with me, you achieved this, let me blow my trumpet… so I would say when I was not successful but relationships were not so bad, like I said – in an indifferent father space there is still a lot of trust and occasional nurturing, but in an evil sibling – there is loss of desire – the man is more focused on competing with you, crushing your ego and maybe demolishing you and there is not little bit trust left. After my success my relationship has gone completely for a toss.

I need admiration for more love. A woman doesn’t have any other reason or anyone to feel that a woman has another ‘agenda’ behind being successful – to earn money, or she is ambitious or she has an ‘agenda’. There is no agenda, it is simply for love and admiration, for wanting to be seen as your abilities not as your 55kgs weight that you carry. I want to be seen for my abilities, skills, the artist I am, my qualities not as a girl who is 55 kgs.

 At the end, I am looking for love, like anybody else."

Talking about his latest novel ‘One Indian Girl’, Chetan Bhagat said "Just as women are conditioned to be a certain way, men are also culturally conditioned. Masculinity is not discussed much, it’s just a man is told, you are what you earn – you are as much money you make. And when you make money, you take care of your woman. 

 This book is all about understanding women. I have come across a lot of women and tried to understand the problems that they face in this male dominated society. This book is my humble attempt at shedding some light on the topic. I’m really kicked about this novel and I hope it’s well received by the readers.”

    Kangana & Chetan interact with the audience at the launch of One Indian Girl

Kinjal Shah, CEO, Crossword bookstores says, " Kangana's statement that she loves physical books comes as a pleasant surprise to us. We are very excited to launch One Indian Girl by Chetan Bhagat at Crossword , Oberoi. We wish him and his book a successful launch and hope it breaks all records of book sales to become number 1 in the country."

‘One Indian Girl’ has already broken all online pre-order records. Its for us to see how much Chetan sells grossly this time, despite being on the other side of a favorite for literary critics. 

So if you are a Chetan Bhagat fan or curious about his books, rush to your nearest crossword store and grab a copy now!

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