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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Book Review: Glory At Dawn by Sidhanth Majumder

Title: Glory at Dawn
Author: Sidhanth Majumder
Publisher: eBooks2go

Genre: Fiction(suspense)

Date:  2016

Price: INR 241/ Kindle-235

Pages: 264

Siddhant Majumder in his debut book comes up with an ambitious formula to create a suspense-thriller that is aimed at surprising you at multiple points. The story begins with the defense minister of India getting kidnapped by an aircraft in stylish and chilling manner with a plane crash and his successful rescue. On the other hand, as the country waits for ransom demands, there are none, the news of crash creating a verdict of his death. Restless his friend and chief of army Digvijay is unsatisfied with the findings and gets into action on his own. The CBI aids his findings with inspector Malik and agent Neha. They together employ the fugitive DON as their undercover agent to get to the roots of the mishaps. With lost agents, army men taking charge of missions a story emerges traversing through Somalia, Israel and ultimately having links with terrorists long before and Arabic fund raisers.

The story has a constant fast pace and a novel plot with sudden twists and turns which make the reader keep flipping the pages. The language is simple but there are some spelling errors and a lot of repetitive words which for a lover of words can be a little bit of discomfort. The writer has great ideas but need to work on writing to make it a perfect concoction that will serve its flavor perfectly. Hoping that would come up in his upcoming books. For this one, read it for the plot. 

Rating: 2.5/5

         About the Author:

Sidhanth Majumder is an Indian Author. Born on November 18, 1993, in Assam, India, Sidhanth Majumder always has a desire to become a writer. He is currently pursuing MBA in NIT-Silchar. In addition to writing, Sidhanth supports various NGOs. Being surrounded by the army and the paramilitary forces constantly, he has a sole interest in their lives and work. He keens in following various documentaries, especially war coverage across the globe. Apart from these, he plays various sports and loves animals. Glory at Dawn is a fiction work on espionage, written after meticulous survey on various grounds for about six years. Thus this book dedicates to the Indian armed Forces.


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