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Friday, December 9, 2016

Dont Just Be an Author, Be an Authorpreneur

A lot many people read today. More than ever before. If you see we are all constantly reading something or the other as we spend more time on our gadgets. Right from news to jokes, whatever it is that pleases us, the content is readily available to the reader, thanks to digitization. The literacy rate has increased and so has consumer power. Everybody today wishes to be wiser and smarter. Books are a great way to heal and improve the quality of our personality and lives. If you have a flair for writing, and you wish to be a published writer, now is the time better than ever to realize it! You don't have to even knock a publisher's doors and get approval or convince somebody to publish your work. It is a time, when all these variables are in your  very hands.

In such a world there is also more to be done than just writing or publishing it. As thousands of books come out, it is critical for a writer to also ensure its reach to right kind of audience the one for whom he /she wrote it. Therefore keeping all this in mind and the fact that we live an extremely competitive world, Notion Press - a brain child of Naveen Valasakumar Bhargava A and Jana Pillay, a name well known in the publishing industry since its foundation in 2012, now encourages its writers not to be just writers but also add an entrepreneurial zing to their exercise of writing and publishing a book. They want the entire experience for a writer to be entrepreneurial and successful thereby making one not just an author but an "Author-preneur".

Notion press provides a one step platform that prevents you from wasting all the time waiting for a response from publishers. Even if you do get the response sometimes the dates are more than an year away. As a young writer when the idea is fresh out of your mind this can be boring and even disheartening to some extent. A few middle to bottom range publishers, non- creamy if I may, also provide options that enable one to self-publish but while doing so they charge for it and offer minimum market royalty. While with notion press you publish for free while only paying nominally for the basics such as copy editing, printing, book distribution etc. Best of all, you retain the rights to your book and post its performance in the market pitch it better to traditional publishers, if that is what you desire at a later stage. Your royalty is maximum and best of all you can calculate it all for yourself before jumping into it. To understand the complete process watch this video...

Personally the quality of most books that came to me from Notion press were fine. Some of them also received excellent reviews and have been the best books I have read in 2016 grabbing 4-4.5/5 rating from me, who is in general a difficult to please person. Check the review of Sangeeta Mahapatra's book "Wreath & other Stories" The book has been a huge personal favorite and I have recommended it to everyone who loves reading. The book has grabbed more than 4 stars from every critical reviewer and if you disagree with the rating post reading the book let me know.

Books like these are an example that if you believe in your writing, let not the opinion of others stop you. For even J.K.Rowling, one of the greatest fiction writers of our times would have not been known if it was not the child of an editor that read her manuscript, but those were a different time. I am sure if we had a Notion press like platform back then, she wouldn't have been an unknown for a long, and we would have had Harry much before and many such immortal characters who lie in a comatose state on a publishers desk would be breathing and living a healthy  normal lives in the hearts ad minds of readers they were created for.

To be the master of your own writing career, log on to now!!!

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