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Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Last Bloom by Poulomi Sengupta

Title:  The Last Bloom
Author:  Poulomi Sengupta
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd.

Genre: Fiction

Date:  2016

Price: INR 281

Pages: 395

The book is about transition to college life and the period, struggles of youth as they do so and the changes in their thoughts, way of perceiving life, goals etc. The leader envisions these phases through the life of the central character Priya, a studious girl with values shifting from central board convent school into a politically charged, local yet reputed university campus. Since the author is a Geology major, undoubtedly the central character also studies the same subject wherein the author utilizes her complete dominance over the subject, which is the bloom of the book to a curious reader.

As a subject it is easy to relate to from page one as everyone has sometimes in their lives been through this phase. Its the been there done that feeling one gets as one reads for there is some character or another that one can relate to. The atmosphere of the campus is heavily politically charged and as is the case with politics its murky, consuming and confusing as to if anybody ever got results. Priya debates with herself, colleagues, friends and parents about the newly changed atmosphere and each situation slowly helps her gain a deeper understanding of human beings, giving the outcome of the book a philosophical learning as one matures through college and life.

The book severely lacked in character development since the beginning as the writer jumps into the plot without spending anytime in character building which makes it confusing until the first few chapters. The story in the later part is laced with events that would pique ones interest and keep one glued to the book but these sub-plots could have been exploited better as the writer was spending a considerable amount of time with them, the book being more than 350 page long. The last few chapters could be shortened and so could be a lot of academic stuff in the book which had no relation to the outcome of the story whatsoever. The editing is seriously weak especially reflected in repetitive use of same words.

Overall a decent first attempt at writing but a lot can be improved.

Rating: 2.5/5

About The Author: 
Poulomi Sengupta is an alumna of IIT Kharagpur and Jadavpur University. Presently residing in Mumbai, a geologist and a social worker. She loves her share of kickboxing and a colourful dose of oil painting to brighten the apparently mundane life.

Grab a copy here:


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