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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Book Review: The Bobby Pins and Other Short Stories by Debashri Banerjee

Title: The Bobby Pins and Other Short Stories
Author: Debashri Banerjee
Publisher: Notion Press

Genre: Fiction(short stories)

Date:  2017

Price: INR 199

Pages: 138

First of all the cover-page of this book is very attractive and that combined with it being a short story collection, makes you pick it immediately. The book has 13 stories, each with very real characters aimed to as if show a reflection image of the society, we the people make back to us. It is true that all of us, humanity is neither white or dark but we are shades of grey. However, if you further dissect the grey is layered and in some corners of our heart the darkest shade spills its colors all over our lives and its decisions. Be it a woman's plight living as a prostitute in "Janani's pride" to that of a widow in "Widows of Shivoham", the later being my personal favorite, the twist being more than what one could ask for. The layers of emotions of being a parent hood expressed in the stories "The Bobby Pins" or "The Story of 'IT'" will leave a mark on you. "The Road to Salvation", "The Limping Girl at NH-64" and "Oh! Silly you!" etc. tell us about the evolving shade of humanity.

The writer has a great flair of combining the mundane with the  bizarre, only a pinchful to blend perfectly into some stories, making them real and yet unreal in some parts at the same time. The stories are all delivered crisp with a streak of darkness that the writer effortlessly delivers in each story. The darker flavor gains mildly over a subtle plot, suggesting the maturity uncommon in such a young writer. Though comparisons are unfair, as each one has their own style of writing, when writing short stories I have had the utmost pleasure of reading Sangeeta Mahapatra, the next book, surely is this one! Debashri Banerjee is a writer to watch out for. 

Rating: 4/5. Great delivery for a debut. Highly recommended. 

About The Author:
Debashri Banerjee is a writer by profession for last seven years and currently associated with an IT company as a lead content writer in Noida. She has been writing since the age of 16 and has ventured into areas like poetry, short stories, interviews, features on lifestyle topics and several blogs on miscellaneous issues like online business, relationships etc. She is an active blogger and writes on her portals and and platforms like 

She loves reading, writing, listening to music, watching short films and involving into healthy conversations.The Bobby Pins and Other Short Stories is her debut novel.  She strongly aspires to become the best-known feature writer, scriptwriter and an author in the country someday


  1. Fantastic collection of short stories. Each story has an unexpected twist and one can't help but start with the next story to experience the author's distinctive style of narration. Really looking forward to the next book from the author.