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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Razor Sharp by Abhinav Kumar

Title: Razor Sharp
Author:  Abhinav Kumar
Category: Fiction- Short Story Collection
Publisher: Amazon Kindle Only
Date: 2017
Price: Rs. 130
Pages: 166

Blurb: In my debut collection of short stories, I explore relationships and friendships, bits of the past and the present, and changing times. Each story explores a world, a relationship or an incident unto itself: while they are disjointed, my sole purpose is to touch the reader's mind and enhance his or her pleasure. Too many short stories, I believe, aim to befuddle and confuse, and in the process, lose sight of what is most important. Having been in this position several times in the past, in this collection, I present little bits of myself in the hope that you, the reader, feel happy or sad, laugh or despair - but never feel cheated. Happy reading!

The Review: I am a lover of short stories and can barely control myself for reading a book with such a collection, once it is in my hands. This book therefore was no exception. However, as I began reading I realized within the first few stories that the writer does means every letter of the two words that constitute its title "Razor Sharp". These stories cannot be described aptly by the minimum usage of words and so aptly. 

The first of the thirteen stories is Razor-Sharp, from which the book derives its title, which is an amusing tale of relationships confusion and clarity. The author exhibits brilliant word play here during his session with the road side barber. I have a few favorites in the book Prejudice, which depicts the ironical lens with which we judge people and the circumstances that pressures of the society lead us to, emphasizing the point that the exterior is just a coat. The writing style of the writer and the brilliant depiction of the ending is powerful and perfect. A Breath of Fresh Air, which to me was a perfect flash fiction. 13(I)(VII)  is a story that will stay with you forever and the best of all is Gone,  aptly convoluted and the most bizarre and fresh story I have read in a long time. The other stories are good too and only two of them were predictable. They are diverse ranging from relationships, friendships to the way children play pre- and post computer era. One play Day deserves a special mention too for it is a much needed tale, especially for children who never knew what is it to play without gadgets.

The stories are crisp and well-written. You might have to read some more than once to really get it but the ultimate discovery of meaning is worth the exercise. Also the author's comments at the end of each story are hilarious sometimes and a bonus post the confusion and mild catharsis of stories.

All in all a great read for short story lovers and a perfect travel companion. Waiting for more from the author.

Rating: 4/5

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