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Monday, December 18, 2017

Book Review: The Search Of The Myth by Prithviraj Desai

Title: The Search Of The Myth                       
Author: Prithviraj naik Desai
Category: Fiction
Publisher: Notion Press
Price: Rs. 299/120 (Kindle)
Pages: 256

The story begins with June's grandfather Mr. Heinrich giving her an envelope with clues to a long lost treasure, on his death bed. She doesn't understand the meaning of it all as it all happens while she grieves his loss. However the presence of another man Mr. Kvoski, who claims to be her grandfathers friend appears in the scene claiming the envelope to be his. June smells something is fishy and upon going through her grandfathers emails discovers something fishy. She also discovers a man from India named Shiva her grandfather communicated with and resolves to solve the mystery. What begins next is a chase and a journey based on clues to find the message her dying grandfather conveyed. Will they find it?

The story has a very convincing plot and reasonably good clues. It is a trend these days in Indian writing courtesy the success of Dan Brown and Ashwin Sanghi's books to write about a treasure/secret emerging from clues. The writer does a decent job at setting the plot, incorporating riddles and different places.  It also has a flavor of romance, deceit and relationships. However the greatest turn off since page one is the writing style. The writer needs to tremendously work on it because the book makes an extremely unpleasant read even for the unseasoned reader. It makes me question the entire team involved in publishing this book if they ever paid attention to the way it was written while editing or proof reading. Being on selection board of publishing houses, my verdict would have been to not publish it in the first place, simply because a book isn't written in this manner to say the least. 

Hoping that this review helps the writer improve.

RC Rating: 1/5

Grab a copy here:

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